Is Jacob Or Edward Right For You ( Girlz Onliiii Plz)

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| By Newmoon_lover200
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Is Jacob Or Edward Right For You ( Girlz Onliiii Plz) - Quiz

ME- hey Jacob, Edward and i wanna see which one is right for you
JACOB- totally
EDWARD- seriously

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    ME- well we will start with Edward JACOB- y not me???EDWARD-Because your an idiotME- Stop it. now go EdwardEDWARD- Fine. What would you like to be A werewolf or vampireJACOB- what sort of question is that?EDWARD- a decent one mongrelME- SHUT UP you two!

    • A.

      WEREWOLF. DUHHHHH!!! I hate bloodsuckers!!!!!Jacob grins*

    • B.

      Vampires! werewolves are just immature !!!!! Edward Bursts into laughter*

  • 2. 

    ME- now its your turn JacobJACOB- YES! now lets see, what do you like about werewolvesEDWARD- at least my question made senseJACOB- SHUT UPME- STOP IT YOU TWO or I'm calling your Brothers

    • A.

      There FREAKEN HOTT!!! especially half naked, blushes*. Jacob Grins BIG*

    • B.

      NOTHING!! I like Vampires!!!Edward Laughs*

    • C.

      THE SPEED and strength

  • 3. 

    EDWARD- FINE Wat do you like about vampiresJACOB- IF you like themME-SHUT IT Jacob did he say that when u asked that question?JACOB- no... HE said 'at least my question made sense'ME- Just let the girl answer the question OR IM SENDING OUT THE DOGGY DOORJACOB-ouch

    • A.

      They Sparkle.. PRETTY!!everyone steps Back*

    • B.

      I HATE VAMPIRES, they're unnatural!Jacob bursts into hysterics*

    • C.

      They can Live forever

  • 4. 

    ME- now its my turnAre you a team Edward or Jacob

    • A.

      TEAM EDWARD!!!!! Edward smiles crookedly*

    • B.

      TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!!!! Jacob Grins warmly*

  • 5. 

    ME- OK if you had to be one of these animals which would it beJACOB and EDWARD- what kind of question is thatME- SHUT IT!

    • A.


    • B.


  • 6. 

    ME- Would u wanna be hot or coldboth stare at me* ME-  wat

    • A.

      HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST LIKE JACOB JACOB- SMOKEN!!!

    • B.


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