Information Technology 3 Grade 9

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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    _____________ is a contraction of the words binary and digit  

    The term "BIT" is a contraction of the words "binary" and "digit." It refers to the basic unit of information in computing and digital communications, representing either a 0 or a 1. "BITS" is the plural form of "BIT," indicating multiple units of information.

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  • 2. 

    The digital signal is the faster than _______________ ______________

    The correct answer is "ANALOG SIGNAL, ANALOGUE SIGNAL" because digital signals are able to transmit data more quickly and accurately compared to analog signals. Digital signals use discrete values to represent information, while analog signals use continuous values. The discrete nature of digital signals allows for easier and more efficient processing and transmission of data, resulting in faster communication.

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  • 3. 

    What does the abbreviation GPS?

    The abbreviation GPS stands for Global Positioning System. This system is a satellite-based navigation system that allows users to determine their precise location anywhere on Earth. It provides accurate positioning, navigation, and timing services to a wide range of users, including individuals, vehicles, and even aircraft. The GPS system works by using a network of satellites that transmit signals to GPS receivers, which then calculate the receiver's exact location based on the time it takes for the signals to reach the receiver. This technology has become widely used in various applications, including navigation devices, smartphones, and tracking systems.

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  • 4. 

    _______________________ is the exchanging data over short distances using short length radio waves

    The correct answer is PAN, BLUETOOTH. PAN stands for Personal Area Network, which refers to the connection of devices within a short range, typically within a person's immediate surroundings. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that enables the exchange of data between devices within a PAN using short length radio waves. Therefore, PAN and Bluetooth are both involved in the exchanging of data over short distances using short length radio waves.

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  • 5. 

    ________________covers a large geographical area such as a city, country, or spans even intercontinental distances, using a communications channel

    A WAN, or Wide Area Network, is a type of network that covers a large geographical area, such as a city, country, or even spans intercontinental distances. It uses a communications channel to connect multiple local area networks (LANs) or other WANs together, allowing for the transmission of data over long distances. This enables organizations to connect their remote locations and share resources, such as files, applications, and databases, across a wide area.

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  • 6. 

    The acronym WAN means

    The acronym WAN stands for Wide Area Network, which refers to a network that spans a large geographical area, typically connecting multiple local area networks (LANs) together. WANs are used to facilitate communication and data transfer between different locations, such as offices or branches of an organization, over long distances. They utilize various technologies, such as leased lines, satellites, or internet connections, to establish connections between different network devices. WANs are essential for enabling efficient and reliable communication between remote locations and are commonly used by businesses and organizations with multiple dispersed sites.

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  • 7. 

    _______________ connects two or more local area networks or campus area networks together but does not extend beyond the boundaries of the immediate town/city.

    A Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is a type of network that connects multiple local area networks (LANs) or campus area networks (CANs) together within the boundaries of a town or city. It provides a high-speed connection for data transfer and communication between different LANs or CANs in the same geographical area. Unlike a Wide Area Network (WAN), which extends beyond the boundaries of a town or city, a MAN is limited to a specific metropolitan area.

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  • 8. 

    __________ signal  consist of discrete electrical pulses (on/off)  that represents bits.  

    A digital signal is made up of discrete electrical pulses that represent bits. Unlike analog signals, which are continuous and can have infinite values, digital signals only have two states: on or off. These on/off pulses are used to transmit information in binary code, where each pulse represents a 0 or a 1. This allows for more accurate and reliable transmission of data, as the discrete nature of digital signals reduces the risk of signal degradation and interference.

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  • 9. 

    This __________________ link is made up of a string of microwave radio antennas located at the top of towers at various microwave sites.

    This answer is correct because the question is asking for the term that describes a link made up of microwave radio antennas. The word "microwave" fits this description as it refers to the use of microwave frequencies to transmit data wirelessly. The antennas are located at the top of towers at different sites, creating a string of microwave radio antennas.

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  • 10. 

    Which type of physical cable is the fastest to transmit data?

    Fiber optic cables are the fastest to transmit data because they use light signals to carry information. Unlike traditional copper cables, fiber optic cables have a much higher bandwidth and can transmit data over longer distances without any loss of signal quality. The use of light signals allows for faster data transmission rates, making fiber optic cables ideal for high-speed internet connections and other applications that require quick and efficient data transfer.

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