How Do You Know Bleach And Naruto?

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How Do You Know Bleach And Naruto? - Quiz

How well do you know naruto and bleach? There will also be bonus questions later on.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Which of these characters is not a leaf ninja

    • A.


    • B.


    • C.


    • D.


    • E.


    Correct Answer
    B. Gaara
    Gaara is not a leaf ninja because he is from the Sand Village, not the Leaf Village. In the Naruto series, the Leaf Village is known for its ninja, and Gaara is a prominent character from the Sand Village. While characters like Gai, Sasuke, Hinata, and Ino are all associated with the Leaf Village and are considered leaf ninjas, Gaara does not belong to this group.

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  • 2. 

    What kind of animal is yoruichi?

    Correct Answer
    Yoruichi is a type of animal that can be categorized as both a cat and a kitty. "Cat" is a broader term that encompasses all domesticated felines, while "kitty" is a more affectionate and colloquial term for a young or small cat. Therefore, both answers are correct as they describe the same animal from different perspectives.

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  • 3. 

    Which member of the akatsuki replaces Sasori as Deidara's partner

    Correct Answer
    After Sasori's death, Tobi replaces him as Deidara's partner in the Akatsuki. Tobi is a skilled shinobi who possesses the abilities of the Sharingan and later reveals himself to be Uchiha Madara. He forms a unique partnership with Deidara, where Tobi serves as a more comedic and light-hearted counterpart to Deidara's explosive and artistic personality. Together, they continue to carry out the Akatsuki's missions and wreak havoc in the Naruto series.

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  • 4. 

    Who am I?I killed Azuma and am said to be invincible.

    Correct Answer
    Hidan is the correct answer because he is a character from the anime and manga series Naruto. He is a member of the organization Akatsuki and is known for his immortality, which makes him seemingly invincible. Hidan is also responsible for killing Azuma, a character from the series. Therefore, based on the given information, Hidan fits the description of the person who killed Azuma and is said to be invincible.

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  • 5. 

    Who am I?I am an arrancar who fights Ichigo in the mighty panther form.

    Correct Answer
    Grimmjow is an arrancar who fights Ichigo in his mighty panther form. In the anime and manga series "Bleach," arrancars are spiritual beings with powers of both Hollows and Soul Reapers. Grimmjow is one of the main antagonists in the series and engages in multiple battles with Ichigo, often transforming into a panther-like creature to enhance his strength and speed. Therefore, the correct answer to the question of "Who am I?" is Grimmjow.

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  • 6. 

    Name as many soul reapers as you can unincluding Rukia and Ichigo.

  • 7. 

    Complete the quote.I've cleared _____ Role-Playing Games in ten days.

    Correct Answer
    answer found in Bleach volume 8

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  • 8. 

    Complete the quoteNo... I want to slaughter all of Konoha but, ___ ____

    Correct Answer
    by myself
    two words found in Naruto vol 45

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