How Do Recycling and Composting Fight Climate Change?
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How Do Recycling and Composting Fight Climate Change?

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face today. As global temperatures increase, weather patterns are disrupted and extreme weather events increase in both number and intensity. We are experiencing more severe droughts, more disastrous flooding, and longer, more intense heat waves than ever before. Moreover, many of the refugee crises that we are struggling to cope with are created and driven by changes in climate. That's because these changes have a disproportionately  large impact in parts of the world where people are most vulnerable. However, the scariest fact of them all is this: what we are seeing now, after a 1.5 degree increase in average temperature, is just a pale shadow of what we can expect if the temperature goes up beyond 2 or even 3 degrees. 

What can we do about this creeping apocalypse? Are our children's children doomed to a hothouse world where large areas around the equator are uninhabitable and the rest of the world is hot, crowded, and dangerous?

It turns out that there is a lot we can do. We already have many of the solutions to climate change in our arsenal, ready to go. We just need to get on with it. And here is the good news: these solutions don't have to break the bank. Many of them actually SAVE money. Take this quiz and find out what you know, and what you might not know, about the things a climate-smart, dollar-smart business can do to create a better environment for both ourselves and our descendants.

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