Does She Like You? (Guys Only + From A Girls Point Of View)

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| By Flurrygirl22
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Does She Like You? (Guys Only + From A Girls Point Of View) - Quiz

Just a little quiz to see if your girlfriend or crush likes you from another girls POV (point of view). My guy friends say I am scary accurate and I have scored them many dates. I hope you like it.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    When you go out in public, whether the mall, walmart, or just mcdonalds, does she stay close? And does she act true?* By acting true I mean, does she look at other guys, or does she seem to keep focused on you.

    • A.

      Yes and YES!!

    • B.

      Well.. i don't really know

    • C.

      No, well sorta..

    • D.

      Yes, then no

    • E.


    • F.


    • G.

      As long as they're not mine

    • H.

      I AM a kid

  • 2. 

    When you go to kiss/hug, how does she respond?

    • A.

      Well, shes shy like.. and a little distant, but she does

    • B.

      She does right away, but she looks around with a hmm look on her face afterwards

    • C.

      She steps back and looks at me like i'm crazy

    • D.

      She comes right up and kisses/hugs me like she read my mind and agreed on it long ago

  • 3. 

    When you call her on the phone, how does she talk?

    • A.

      She says stuff like 'i'm bored' 'soo' and 'well'.. theres alot of silence

    • B.

      She jumps into conversation like she hasn't seen me in years and she misses me like crazy, even if i just dropped her off at home about ten minutes ago

    • C.

      She asks questions and answers mine in a slow manner.. but she doesn't hang up when theres the occasional pause

    • D.

      She says brb or i hav to go alot, even when she doesn't have anything else to do

  • 4. 

    You and your girlfriend or crush have plans, but she forgets and plans a get together with her friends. When you remind her, how does she handle the situation?

    • A.

      Are you kidding? Her, forgetting about me? I don't mean to sound conceited but that could never happen. But on the occasion that it did, she would apologize to her friends, telling them that she already had plans.

    • B.

      Well, she tells me that she's sorry but she really wants to see her friends. And then our plans are gone.

    • C.

      Though she does say with optimism that she is sorry and still goes with me, she apologizes to her friends a million times first, and mentions it atleast twice during the date.

    • D.

      She ditches me without thought, without apology, without care. She just goes and hangs out with her friends, none of which who care either. who cares?

  • 5. 

    You get into a huge fight and she ends up crying, what do you do?

    • A.

      Apologize with total sincerity, and talk it out.

    • B.

      If that were to happen, I would apologize a million times a day for a week after talking it out withing the next two minutes which ended in a kiss/hug.

    • C.

      She runs off in raging anger and goes missing, and I'm supposed to care why? She started it!

    • D.

      It carries on for a couple days, and we never forget it, its always in the back of our minds though we say its over and gone.

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