Do You Really Want To Leave High School?

4 Questions | Total Attempts: 2580

Do You Really Want To Leave High School? - Quiz

Do this quiz to see if you really know the disadvatages involved in leaving high school. Along with testing if you really want to leave, you'll find out how narrow your future is if you leave compared to completing high school. This quiz is supported by statistics and facts about your future path.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Do you believe that you'll be able to earn more money when you leave school earlier than those who stay at school and finish high school?
    • A. 

      Yes because i'll make more money first

    • B. 

      No because i'll acquire more knowledge staying at school rather than leaving school and not having that knowledge

  • 2. 
    Do you believe you'll have a brighter future when you finish high school or when you leave high school earlier?
    • A. 

      Yes because school would give me more skills and knowledge that are required for the future. I'll also finish my HSC at the same time so my resume would look better than the early leavers.

    • B. 

      No because i'll earn more money when i leave high school earlier so i'll be more rich than those who stay in high school. Fast food restaurants allow students to work there anyway so i don't need to worry about unemployment

  • 3. 
    Would you rather receive government welfare and not work or work AND recieve governmenr welfare?
    • A. 

      Not work and receive government funding

    • B. 

      Work and receive government funding

  • 4. 
    Do you want to complete your HSC and high school so you'll get a higher paying job in the future (compared to early leavers)?
    • A. 

      No, i'd rather quit school and earn a lower paying job in the future

    • B. 

      Yes, i'd like to continue school and earn a higher paying job in the future

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