Do You Have A Good Relationship With Your Best Friend?

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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    If you were in a terrible situation and u just needed to talk would your friend listen??
    • A. 

      No, she would probably come up with some lame excuse to get off the phone : (

    • B. 


  • 2. 
    Does your friend go on the computer all night or talk on the phone when you are at their house?
    • A. 

      No! we have so much fun!! if we get bored we think of something to do!

    • B. 

      Yeah pretty much..

  • 3. 
    Do you ever think. " why is he/she talking about his/herself so much you know i have problems too!"??
    • A. 

      No we each listen to each-others problems

    • B. 

      Yeah all the time how did you know!!

  • 4. 
    Does your friend try their best to hang out with yo when they can?
    • A. 

      Yeah but ya know we all get busy

    • B. 

      Yeah i dont think so

  • 5. 
    Ok so here is my last question answer it honestly.. do you think that they are a good friend to you?? 
    • A. 

      Yes i couldnt ask for a better friend!

    • B. 

      I dont know what to think..maybe i should talk to them

    • C. 

      No i dont think so

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