Devinettes Fruits Et Légumes

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Devinettes Fruits Et Légumes - Quiz

Trouve le nom des fruits et légumes suivants. Il n'y a aucune majuscule dans les réponses.

Questions and Answers
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    C'est rond et juteux.Il faut le peler avant de le manger.Son nom est une couleur.

  • 2. 

    Il est rouge, vert ou jaune.Il est doux ou piquant..

    The given statement describes an object that can be red, green, or yellow and can be either soft or spicy. The words "poivron" and "piment" in the given text are French words that translate to "bell pepper" and "chili pepper" respectively. Therefore, the correct answer is a combination of both "poivron" (bell pepper) and "piment" (chili pepper) as they fit the description provided in the statement. The repetition of "poivron" and the addition of "un poivron" indicate that the object being referred to is a bell pepper.

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    Il est long et jaune.Sa peau est épaisse.Les singes aiment manger ce fruit.

    The given answer "banane, une banane, la banane" is correct because it matches the description provided in the given text. The text mentions that it is long and yellow, with a thick skin, and monkeys like to eat it. "Banane" is the French word for banana, and "une banane" and "la banane" are the indefinite and definite articles used with the noun "banane" respectively.

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    C'est gros et ovale.C'est orange.A l'Halloween, on décore ce fruit

  • 5. 

    Il est long.Il est orange.Il pousse dans la terre.Les lapins aiment manger ce légume.

    The given description mentions that the object is long, orange, grows in the ground, and rabbits like to eat it. The word "carotte" fits all these descriptions, as carrots are typically long, orange vegetables that grow in the ground and are known to be enjoyed by rabbits. Additionally, the use of the definite article "la" before "carotte" suggests that it is referring to a specific carrot. Hence, the correct answer is "une carotte, carotte, la carotte."

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  • 6. 

    C'est rond.C'est rouge.C'est délicieux dans un sandwich.

  • 7. 

    Il est brun à l'extérieur.Il est vert à l'intérieur.C'est un fruit exotique.Il est le croisement entre la banane et la fraise.

    The given description of the fruit being brown on the outside, green on the inside, exotic, and a cross between a banana and a strawberry matches the characteristics of a kiwi fruit. Therefore, the correct answer is "un kiwi, kiwi, le kiwi".

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  • 8. 

    Il est très petit et rond.Il est vertC'est un légume.

    The given correct answer is "un pois, pois, le pois". This answer is correct because it accurately describes the characteristics of the object in question. The statement mentions that it is very small and round, green in color, and also specifies that it is a vegetable. The word "pois" in French translates to "pea" in English, which fits all the given descriptions. Therefore, "un pois, pois, le pois" is the correct answer.

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