Are You A Vampire? You Could Very Well Be One...

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Vampire Quizzes & Trivia

Do you wander in the night aimlessly. . . Wondering what to do, but come morning you never feel satisfied?

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Vampires subsist by feeding on the blood of the living. ...Look, someone is approaching, what do you wanna do?
    • A. 

      Let's pounce on him, suck him dry, and pocket what coin he has!

    • B. 

      *looks* So? What's so special about him?

  • 2. 
    *grins* See my fangs? Do you like?
    • A. 

      Ack....... just how much did those pointed teeth caps cost you? Good grief....

    • B. 

      Mhm... I do... wanna try em out on me?

  • 3. 
    Some vampire have been reported to be able to transform into bats, rats, dogs, wolves, spiders and even moths.
    • A. 


    • B. 


  • 4. 
    We're passing by a jewelry shop. *looks in* I have never prefered silver to gold, but what do you think?
    • A. 

      Silver is okay, but I prefer the blood red rubies........ hehehehehe....

    • B. 

      Yanno, we're closer to that McDonalds... why don't we go there?

  • 5. 
    Garlic is supposed to ward off vampires. I hope you don't plan on getting anything with garlic in it...
    • A. 

      Garlic chicken salad is sooooo good, tho! *pouts*

    • B. 

      Not if my unlife depended on it...

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