Are You A Vampire And A Witch Or Wizard?

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| Written by Dakotajoyner12
Community Contributor
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Vampire Quizzes & Trivia

See if you are a vampire and a witch or wizard. . . . . . . DO IT!

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Have  you ever had a certain urge for blood?

    • A. 

      Yes all the time

    • B. 

      No It makes me vomit

  • 2. 

    Have you ever made anything happen when you were scared or angry

    • A. 

      Yes things unnormal happened

    • B. 

      Does 3 months in the state house count

  • 3. 

    Do you hate Lycans(werewolves)

    • A. 

      With a passion

    • B. 

      They're ok

  • 4. 

    Have you ever played with a toy wand but made things happen with it

    • A. 

      Yes things that are scary to me

    • B. 

      No i broke it when I was done

  • 5. 

    Were you ever bitten by a bat? or another human and felt different after that

    • A. 

      Yes I wanted blood all the time

    • B. 

      He/She probably had aids or HIV or something

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