Are You A Clan Cat Or A Kittypet Or A Rough/Loner

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| By Stripedstar
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Are You A Clan Cat Or A Kittypet Or A Rough/Loner - Quiz

This is a fun way to c if you are strong enough to live in the wild or if u need to have a twoleg get ur food 4 u

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Are you at home with other cats or twolegs

    • A.

      Yes i'm very happy with my clanmates

    • B.

      Yes,but i'd choose my housefolk over clan cats anyday (over fed fat cat) >:-[

    • C.

      Neither i like my life on my own

  • 2. 

    How did you meet your mate

    • A.

      I met him/her in my clan

    • B.

      I met him/her when my housefolk brought her home

    • C.

      I met him/her on the street or what mate, i told you i live on my own

  • 3. 

    If you aren't a clan cat would you like to be

    • A.

      Well, even though i was born a clan cat i'm just gonna say that any cat that can't is either shelfish or just an over grown kit

    • B.

      No,i like my housefolk (stupid kittypet)

    • C.

      If i wanted to yeah ,but i don't i'm way to tough to hang around those weak fur balls

  • 4. 

    Do you like cats (you won't judge you for this)

    • A.

      Yes i love them (you rock)

    • B.

      No i hate them (you suck

  • 5. 

    Have you read the warrior books (this is like quesition 4)

    • A.

      Yes they're really good (you could be my sister/brother)

    • B.

      No (you must have no clue what i'm talkin about how did you even find this quiz then)

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