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American Literature Quizzes & Trivia

Test ye knowledge about the terms, periods and movements in the history of American literature.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Outline of Women's literature

  • 2. 

    Movements and periods before, during and after the Civil War.             Main authors, works

  • 3. 

    Fireside poets

  • 4. 

    CT/Hartford wits

  • 5. 

    Fugitives Agrarians

  • 6. 

    Periods of the Southern literature

  • 7. 

    Who is NOT considered to be a representative of the Southern Renaissance?

    • A.

      William Faulkner

    • B.

      Tennessee Williams

    • C.

      Robert Penn Warren

    • D.


    Correct Answer
    D. T.S.Eliot
    T.S. Eliot is not considered to be a representative of the Southern Renaissance because he was not born in the southern United States and did not focus his work on the themes and characteristics associated with the Southern Renaissance. While Eliot was a highly influential and important poet, playwright, and critic, his work was more closely associated with the modernist movement and his British roots. The Southern Renaissance, on the other hand, refers to a literary and cultural movement that emerged in the American South in the early 20th century, characterized by a focus on regional identity, agrarianism, and the legacy of the Civil War.

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  • 8. 

    Name New England Local Color Writers

  • 9. 

    Modernist tradition

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