Absolutely The Hardest Twilight Saga Quote Quiz

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Absolutely The Hardest Twilight Saga Quote Quiz - Quiz

The twilight saga book and movies stole the reader hearts and saw many couples going to Halloween as Bella and Edward. Just how big of a fan were you? Test yourself by putting the name of the people who spoke these words. May lady luck be with you; you will need her!

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    "I'll see you at lunch, okay?"
  • 2. 
    "wow. its snowing"
  • 3. 
    "do you mind if i look?"
  • 4. 
    "pretty crazy stuff, though, isnt it?"
  • 5. 
    "is that your boyfriend?"
  • 6. 
    "what did you talk about?"
  • 7. 
    "Just one exception"
  • 8. 
    "Dont worry, i'll keep out of your way."
  • 9. 
    "It's very nice to know you"
  • 10. 
    "hey, edward"
  • 11. 
    "You have nothing to worry about. You are completely safe here"
  • 12. 
    "I would just like to rub it in, just a little bit"
  • 13. 
    "You try very hard to make up for something that wasnt you fault"
  • 14. 
    "You humans have it so easy"
  • 15. 
    "Dont be ridiculous"
  • 16. 
    "and i'll make you a promise in return"
  • 17. 
    "ya, thats fine. did you have fun?"
  • 18. 
    "speak of the devil, and the devil shall appear"
  • 19. 
    "doesn't the radio work in this thing?"
  • 20. 
    "Do they visit often?"
  • 21. 
    "Not as bad! Not as bad!
  • 22. 
    "I don't have my wallet on me"
  • 23. 
    "A little warning mite have been nice"
  • 24. 
    "How bad was it, charlie"
  • 25. 
    "But your restraint!"
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