4th And 5th Grade Music Quiz Final Q4

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4th And 5th Grade Music Quiz Final Q4 - Quiz

It’s long been said that the earlier somebody learns a skill like playing an instrument, the more talented they will be when they are older. You’ll often find that the world’s top musicians got their first guitars, violins or whatever their chosen instrument is during their childhood. In the following quiz, we’re going to see if you know as much about music as the average fourth and fifth graders. Good luck!

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    Music Word Problem What is two half notes plus four quarter notes divided by a whole note?

    In music notation, a whole note is equal to 4 beats. A half note is equal to 2 beats, and a quarter note is equal to 1 beat. Therefore, if we have two half notes (4 beats) and four quarter notes (4 beats), the total is 8 beats. Dividing 8 beats by a whole note (4 beats) gives us 2, which is the answer.

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