Do You Listen To Your Heart Or Your Mind?

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| By Holaoluwa
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Do You Listen To Your Heart Or Your Mind? - Quiz

Have you ever done something and the decision you made yielded a positive or negative outcome, and you are kind of curious about what made you make that decision, was it your mind or your heart. Take this quiz to find out whether you often listen to your heart or your mind.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    You just got back from work with an headache, then your friend calls you to go with him/her the movie you've been longing to see, what are you gonna do? 

    • A.

      Go out with my friend to see the movie

    • B.

      Refuse to go with your friend, and get some rest

  • 2. 

    You've got a test tomorrow, but your friend wants you to play your best video game with him/her, what are you gonna do? 

    • A.

      Go and play video game with your friend

    • B.

      Sit down at home to study

  • 3. 

    You have a job interview, on your way to the location you got stuck in a traffic, how would you react? 

    • A.

      Traffic isn’t going to move until it moves — no use getting upset. Turn on the CD player and listen to some music

    • B.

      Damn this traffic! Stupid driver, slowing everyone down. When are they going to widen this road? You pay taxes but nothing happens

  • 4. 

    You jus got into a relationship, what was the major factor that influenced your decision 

    • A.

      You were feeling lonely, broke, you needed a companion, your friends were in a relationship

    • B.

      You were in love, you felt he/she is the right person for you, you like everything about the person

  • 5. 

    You were offered two jobs, Job A requires you sleep with your boss but with a £850,000/salary - Job B only requires your credentials and go for an interview with a £300,000 a month salary, which one would you go for? 

    • A.

      Job A

    • B.

      Job B

  • 6. 

    You were wrongly accused of stealing from your dad by your mum, what would your reaction be like? 

    • A.

      Yell at your Mum, Mum you must be crazy!

    • B.

      Try and prove your innocence patiently

  • 7. 

    Is this true or false?

    • A.


    • B.


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