3 Kindness June Holidays - 1st Sunday Homework

8 Questions | Total Attempts: 39

3 Kindness June Holidays - 1st Sunday Homework - Quiz

This quiz is set to let pupils from 3 Kindness to work on problem solving skills from SA1 questions. Please refer to blog for Quiz password and instructions on completing the quiz. Please work hard for your examination! Good Luck ! Mr Victor Lim

Questions and Answers
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    Please key in your full name in the box below.
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    Please key in your index number in the box below.
  • 3. 
    Mr Lim has 392 pears. He packs them into boxes. If he puts 7 apples in each box, how many boxes does he need? (Answer:56)
  • 4. 
    How many hearts-shaped sweets must be transferred from Box B to Box A so that the number of hearts-shaped sweets in Box A is 6 times as many as the number of hearts-shaped sweetsin Box B? (Answer:25)
  • 5. 
    The price for the entry tickets to a museum is shown in the table below. The total cost of the entry tickets for a group of children was twice as much as the total cost of the entry tickets for their teachers. The total cost for all the entry tickets was $180.How many children went to the museum? (Answer:24)
  • 6. 
    Alan has 18 more stamps than David but 14 stamps fewer than Nigel. If the three boys have a total of 170 pens, find the number of pens Alan has. (Answer:58)
  • 7. 
    Uncle Jason is 4 times as old as Martin now. 5 years ago, Uncle Jason was 39 years old. How old is Martin now? (Answer :11years old )
  • 8. 
    How many tens are there in the difference between 49650 and 90? (Answer :4956)
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