2019-Rules of Golf: Changes - EXAM VERSION

64 Questions
2019-Rules of Golf: Changes - EXAM VERSION

This quiz is about the 2019 Rules of Golf.

It mainly covers those Rules that has been modified (i.e. where the answer in 2019 differs from the answer in 2018) and covers most of the basic Rules. 

Thus the quiz is perfect to both 1) "learn to forget" the old (2018) Rules and to 2) learn the 2019-Rules!

This is an exam version with 64 questions! You need to get at least 80 % correct answers to pass and receive a diploma.

Members of The Oswald Academy can get this quiz (for free) in a PDF-version as well as they can get the "embed code" (= so that the quiz can be placed on your golf club's website!).



Brian Nygaard Oswald
[email protected]

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