Endocrine System Quizzes & Trivia

Endocrine System Quizzes & Trivia
Doc, what’s the endocrine system? It is the system that is responsible for producing 30 distinct hormones which have very distinctly different jobs to do. This system has a hand in almost all functions of our human body. Did you sleep well last night? Well, you must be thankful to your pineal gland for that very refreshing sleep, since it is the one responsible for secreting melatonin which regulates our sleep. Did you know that the reason one gets diabetes is that the pancreas stops producing insulin? Are you feeling hungry and thirsty right now? That’s your hypothalamus talking to you.

If you already know these fun facts and you find yourself craving for more Endocrine System trivia, then get those knowledge juices flowing and feel that adrenaline rush!

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Endocrine System Questions and Answers

  • For the patient with hyperthyroidism, what intervention should you delegate to the experienced certified nursing assistant?  

  • The stalk that connects the hypothalmus to the pituitary gland

  • Which hormone: Stimulates milk production

  • This links the nervous system to the endocrine system via the pituitary gland.
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  • Which hormone: stimulates body growth, causes increase in size and height in youth?

  • A patient is admitted to the medical unit with possible Graves’ disease (hyperthyroidism). Which assessment finding supports this diagnosis?  

  • Which change in vital signs would you instruct a nursing assistant to report immediately for a patient with hyperthyroidism?  

  • Bodily chemical messengers that send messages from one set of cells to another, affecting changes. 
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  • A group of cells that gives off or secretes chemicals. 
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