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What simile should be used  here?  Aishah is __________________ . She does not eat well.

Answer: As thin as a rake
This answer suggests that Aishah is very thin, similar to the thinness of a rake. The phrase "as thin as a rake" is a common idiom used to describe someone who is extremely thin or skinny. It implies that Aishah does not eat well and may be lacking proper nutrition.

What simile should be used  here?  Johan is ____________. He is the tallest boy in class.

Answer: As tall as a giraffe
Johan is being compared to a giraffe in terms of height. This means that he is very tall, just like a giraffe. The phrase "as tall as a giraffe" emphasizes Johan's height and implies that he is taller than everyone else in his class.

What simile should be used  here?  The fruit is so sweet. It is _________________ .

Answer: As sweet as honey
The given correct answer, "as sweet as honey," is an appropriate completion for the sentence because it effectively compares the sweetness of the fruit to the sweetness of honey. This simile emphasizes the high level of sweetness in a clear and relatable manner.

What simile should be used  here?  The traffic is moving ___________ at the toll plaza.

Answer: As slow as a snail
The correct answer "as slow as a snail" suggests that the traffic is moving very slowly at the toll plaza. This comparison implies that the movement of the traffic is extremely sluggish, similar to the slow pace at which a snail moves.

What simile should be used  here?  The beggar does not have a place to stay or food to eat.  He is ________________ .

Answer: As poor as a church mouse
The correct answer is "as poor as a church mouse." This phrase is commonly used to describe someone who is extremely poor, as church mice are often associated with poverty due to their presence in old, rundown churches. The explanation for this answer is that the beggar mentioned in the question does not have a place to stay or food to eat, indicating his extreme poverty.

What simile should be used  here?  A horse can gallop ______________________________.

Answer: As fast as the wind.
The phrase "as fast as the wind" is commonly used to describe something that moves very quickly. In this context, it suggests that a horse can gallop at a very high speed, similar to the speed of the wind. This comparison emphasizes the horse's speed and agility, highlighting its ability to move swiftly and gracefully.

What simile should be used  here?  He is as sly as a_______.

Answer: Fox
The phrase "sly as a fox" is a commonly used idiom in English. It means that someone is cunning, clever, and deceptive, just like a fox. This idiom originated from the reputation of foxes being intelligent and crafty animals, known for their ability to outsmart others. Therefore, the correct answer is "fox" because it best fits the comparison being made.

What simile should be used  here?  Jesse can sing like a __________.

Answer: Bird
Jesse's singing ability is being compared to that of a bird. This suggests that Jesse has a melodious and pleasant singing voice, similar to the beautiful and harmonious songs sung by birds.

What simile should be used  here? This smartphone is_____________________________________.

Answer: As light as a feather
This smartphone is described as "as light as a feather," emphasizing its lightweight nature. This comparison implies that the phone is extremely light and easy to carry, just like a feather.

What simile should be used  here?  That sidewalk is as slippery as_____.

Answer: Glass
Glass is a material that is known to be very slippery when wet. Therefore, comparing the slipperiness of a sidewalk to glass implies that the sidewalk is extremely slippery.
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