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What is the name of the software that you use to create the game?

Answer: Scratch
Scratch is the correct answer because it is a software platform that allows users to create interactive stories, animations, and games. It provides a visual programming interface where users can drag and drop blocks of code to create their projects. Scratch is widely used by beginners and educators to introduce programming concepts and develop creativity and problem-solving skills.

What would you call the background in your racing car game?

Answer: Stage
In the context of Scratch programming, the background is referred to as the "Stage." The Stage is where all the action takes place in a Scratch project. It acts as the backdrop for the sprites (characters and objects) and can be customized with different images or colors to set the scene for your game. For a racing car game, the Stage might feature a racetrack or a racing environment. It provides the visual context and setting that enhances the gameplay experience. Additionally, the Stage can have different backdrops that change during the game to reflect different levels or scenes, adding to the dynamic nature of the project.

What is the car in the racing car game?

Answer: Sprite
In a racing car game, the car is represented visually on the screen. This visual representation is known as a sprite. Sprites are used in game development to represent characters, objects, or vehicles. Therefore, the correct answer in this context is "Sprite".

What is the function of the 'when green flag clicked' command block?

Answer: Runs the script
The 'when green flag clicked' command block is used to initiate the execution of a script when the green flag is clicked. It acts as a trigger for the start of the program. Once the green flag is clicked, the script associated with this block will run, allowing the program to perform its intended actions.

What is the function of the 'Move 10 steps' command block?

Answer: Move sprite forward
The 'Move 10 steps' command block is used to move the sprite forward by a specified distance. It is a programming command that instructs the sprite to move a certain number of steps in the forward direction. This command block is commonly used in programming and coding to control the movement of objects or characters in a game or animation.

What happens to the car if the number increases in the 'Move _ steps' command block?

Answer: The car moves quicker
When the number increases in the 'Move _ steps' command block, the car moves quicker. This means that the car will cover a greater distance in a shorter amount of time, resulting in a faster movement.

What is the function of the 'forever' command block?

Answer: Runs the script inside over and over
The 'forever' command block is used to run the script inside it repeatedly without any interruption. It creates a loop that keeps executing the script over and over again until it is manually stopped or a certain condition is met. This is useful for creating continuous actions or behaviors in a program or game.

Which command block enables you to control the car?

Answer: When_key is pressed
The "When_key is pressed" command block enables you to control the car. This block allows you to specify a key on the keyboard that, when pressed, triggers a specific action or movement for the car. It is commonly used in programming to create interactive and responsive controls for various applications, including car simulations or games. By using this command block, you can ensure that the car only responds to user input when a specific key is pressed, providing a more controlled and interactive experience for the user.

What will happen if we place the instruction blocks in the scratch at the wrong order? 

Answer: The program will not work well.
If the instruction blocks are placed in the wrong order in Scratch, the program will not work well. This is because the order of the blocks determines the sequence in which the instructions are executed. If the blocks are not arranged correctly, the program may not perform the intended actions or may produce unexpected results.

Name the place where sprites and scripts are stored in a Scratch screen. 

Answer: Stage and sprite list
Sprites and scripts in Scratch are stored in the "stage and sprite list". The stage represents the background and sprites are the characters or objects. Scripts are sets of blocks that control sprite behavior. Users can switch between sprites and the stage to modify or add scripts, facilitating interactive programming and animation creation.
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