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Who was the Prophet's mother?

Answer: Aminah
The Prophet Muhammad's mother was Aminah bint Wahb. She was born to the Banu Zuhrah clan, and she married Abdullah bin Abd al-Muttalib, who was the father of Prophet Muhammad. Aminah passed away when Muhammad was just six years old, and he was subsequently cared for by his grandfather, Abdul-Muttalib, and later by his uncle, Abu Talib. Khadijah was Prophet Muhammad's first wife, Fatimah was his daughter, and Halimah was the foster mother who took care of him during his infancy. I appreciate your understanding, and I apologize for any confusion caused by the initial error.

Who was the Prophet's nursing mother?

Answer: Halimah
Halimah was the Prophet's nursing mother. This means that she breastfed and took care of the Prophet during his infancy. This was a common practice in ancient Arabia, where wealthy families would send their infants to be nursed by Bedouin women in the desert. Halimah played a crucial role in the early life of the Prophet, providing him with nourishment and care.

Who was the prophet's uncle?

Answer: Abu Talib
Abu Talib was the prophet Muhammad's uncle. He was the son of Abdul Muttalib, who was the prophet's grandfather. Abu Talib played a significant role in supporting and protecting the prophet during his early years as a messenger of Islam. He provided both physical and emotional support, even though he did not convert to Islam himself. Abu Talib's support was crucial in the face of opposition and persecution from the Quraysh tribe, allowing the prophet to continue spreading the message of Islam.

Where did the prophet first receive the message of Islam? 

Answer: Cave Hira
The Prophet Muhammad first received the message of Islam in the Cave of Hira, located on the Mountain of Light (Jabal al-Nour) near Mecca. It was here that the angel Gabriel appeared to him and revealed the first verses of the Quran. This significant event marked the beginning of Muhammad's prophetic mission and the foundation of Islam.

Who was the first Muslim?

Answer: Khadijah
Khadijah is considered the first Muslim because she was the first wife of Prophet Muhammad and the first person to believe in his message of Islam. She played a crucial role in supporting and encouraging him during the early years of his prophethood. Khadijah's unwavering faith and dedication to Islam make her the first Muslim.

What battle did the prophet first win?

Answer: Badr
The correct answer is Badr because it was the first major battle won by the Prophet Muhammad and his followers in the early days of Islam. The Battle of Badr took place in 624 CE and was a significant victory for the Muslims against the Quraysh tribe of Mecca. This battle marked a turning point in the growth and establishment of the Islamic community and is considered a crucial event in Islamic history.

What did the Muslims first lose?

Answer: Uhud
The Muslims first lost the battle of Uhud. Uhud was a significant battle that took place in 625 CE, during the early years of Islam. The Muslims initially had the upper hand but due to a tactical mistake made by a group of archers, the Quraysh forces were able to regroup and launch a counterattack. This resulted in a loss for the Muslims, with many casualties including the Prophet Muhammad himself being injured. The battle of Uhud was a setback for the Muslims, but it also served as a lesson and a turning point in their military strategies.

What was the fist Surah revealed to Prophet Muhammad?

Answer: Iqra
The first Surah revealed to Prophet Muhammad was Surah Al-Alaq, starting with the word "Iqra" (meaning "Read" or "Recite"). This revelation took place in the Cave of Hira when the angel Gabriel appeared to Muhammad. The command to "Iqra" emphasized the importance of reading and knowledge, marking the beginning of the Quranic revelations and the prophetic mission of Muhammad.

What was the second Surah revealed to Prophet Muhammad?

Answer: Al- Muddathir
The second Surah revealed to Prophet Muhammad was Surah Al-Muddathir. This Surah was revealed shortly after the first revelation and contains a call to the Prophet to rise and warn the people, cleanse himself, and magnify the name of his Lord. It emphasizes the Prophet's mission to spread the message of Islam and warn against the consequences of ignoring it.

Where did the Prophet Muhammad migrate to from Mecca to escape persecution?

Answer: Medina
The Prophet Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Medina in 622 CE to escape persecution from the Quraysh tribe. This event, known as the Hijra, marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar. In Medina, Muhammad established a strong Muslim community and continued to spread the message of Islam. The Hijra is a significant event in Islamic history, symbolizing the transition from oppression to freedom and growth.
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