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What guidance service suggests the importance of maintaining continuous effort of knowing the whereabouts of the graduates and dropouts?

Answer: Follow-up
The guidance service that suggests the importance of maintaining continuous effort of knowing the whereabouts of the graduates and dropouts is follow-up. Follow-up is a process of tracking and monitoring the progress of individuals after they have completed a program or left an institution. By staying in touch with graduates and dropouts, the guidance service can gather valuable information about their outcomes, identify any challenges they may be facing, and provide necessary support or resources. This helps in evaluating the effectiveness of the program and providing appropriate guidance and assistance to individuals.

When should a teacher and a pupil hold a case conference?

Answer: Whenever the need arises
A teacher and a pupil should hold a case conference whenever the need arises. This means that they should have a conference whenever there is a specific need or issue that needs to be addressed. This could include discussing a student's academic progress, behavior, or any other concerns that may arise. Holding a case conference whenever the need arises allows for timely and effective communication between the teacher and pupil, ensuring that any issues or challenges can be addressed promptly.

Dr. Luke attends to emotionally disturbed students. Which service is being provided by Dr. Luke?

Answer: Counseling service
Dr. Luke is providing counseling service to emotionally disturbed students. This service involves providing psychological support, guidance, and therapy to help students cope with their emotional difficulties and improve their overall mental well-being. Dr. Luke's role is to listen, understand, and assist these students in managing their emotions, developing coping strategies, and finding solutions to their problems.

Kristina is already in her senior year of high school. After attending their symposium or career choices, Christina is still confused with her career plan, whether to take Teaching or Physical Therapy. How would you assist her?

Answer: Tell her to take an aptitude test to know about her strengths.
Taking an aptitude test would be a helpful way to assist Kristina in deciding between teaching and physical therapy. The test would assess her natural abilities, skills, and interests, providing valuable insight into which career path aligns best with her strengths. This would allow her to make a more informed decision based on her own personal attributes, increasing the chances of long-term satisfaction and success in her chosen profession.

What concerns the regular check-up of the effectiveness of the guidance program?

Answer: Research and Evaluation
Research and Evaluation is the correct answer because regular check-ups of the effectiveness of the guidance program require conducting research and evaluation. This involves collecting data, analyzing it, and assessing the impact and outcomes of the program. By conducting research and evaluation, the effectiveness of the guidance program can be measured, any necessary adjustments or improvements can be identified, and evidence-based decisions can be made to ensure the program is meeting its goals and objectives.

What aims to make available knowledge or inputs not ordinarily provided through the instructional program or during the regular period of time?

Answer: Information
Information aims to make available knowledge or inputs that are not ordinarily provided through the instructional program or during the regular period of time. Counseling, follow-up, and placement may provide support and guidance, but they do not specifically focus on providing knowledge or inputs that are not typically provided through the instructional program.

What test should be administered if the teachers/counselor’s purpose is to identify the individual's hidden/inner feelings prejudice, desires and thoughts?

Answer: Projective tests
Projective tests should be administered if the teachers/counselor's purpose is to identify the individual's hidden/inner feelings, prejudice, desires, and thoughts. Projective tests involve presenting ambiguous stimuli to the individual, such as inkblots or incomplete sentences, and asking them to interpret or complete them. This allows the individual to project their unconscious thoughts and feelings onto the stimuli, providing insights into their inner world. These tests are often used in psychotherapy and personality assessment to gain a deeper understanding of an individual's psychological makeup.

If counseling service is to gain an understanding of oneself: Follow-up is to __________.

Answer: Keep in constant touch with former students.
The correct answer is "Keep in constant touch with former students." This is because follow-up is a process of staying connected with individuals or groups after a certain event or service has been provided. In the context of counseling services, follow-up would involve maintaining regular communication with former students to track their progress, address any ongoing concerns, and provide support if needed. This helps in gaining a better understanding of their experiences and outcomes after receiving counseling services.

For the counseling service to be effective, the school administrator should________.

Answer: Familiarize themselves with the nature, goals, and principles of guidance
To ensure the effectiveness of the counseling service, the school administrator needs to familiarize themselves with the nature, goals, and principles of guidance. This understanding will allow them to provide proper support and guidance to the counselors and students. It will also help them align the counseling service with the overall objectives and values of the school. By familiarizing themselves with the nature, goals, and principles of guidance, the school administrator can contribute to creating a positive and conducive environment for counseling.

Max has average mental ability but performs better than expected. What type of learner is he?

Answer: Over-achieving
Max is described as having average mental ability, but he performs better than expected. This suggests that he is exceeding the typical performance level for someone with his mental ability, hence the term "over-achieving" is an appropriate description for him.

Ms. Burgos found that one of her pupils has a language disorder. What must she do?

Answer: Listen to her attentively and create a group activity where she can participate.
Ms. Burgos should listen to her pupil attentively and create a group activity where she can participate. This approach shows empathy and understanding towards the pupil's language disorder. By listening attentively, Ms. Burgos can better understand the pupil's needs and provide appropriate support. Creating a group activity allows the pupil to interact with others who may have similar difficulties, fostering a sense of belonging and providing opportunities for practicing and improving language skills in a supportive environment.

The responsibility of the counselor is to _____________.

Answer: Set up goals for the counselee.
The responsibility of a counselor is to set up goals for the counselee. This involves working collaboratively with the counselee to identify their needs, desires, and areas for improvement. By setting goals, the counselor provides a framework for the counseling process and helps the counselee to focus on specific objectives. This allows for a more structured and effective counseling experience, as both the counselor and the counselee can track progress and work towards achieving desired outcomes.

What kind of guidance service do the counselors perform when they schedule job fairing at the school?

Answer: Career information
The counselors perform a guidance service of providing career information when they schedule job fairing at the school. This means that they are helping students by providing them with information about different career options, job prospects, and the skills and qualifications required for various careers. By organizing job fairs, the counselors are giving students the opportunity to explore different career paths and learn more about the industries they are interested in. This guidance service helps students make informed decisions about their future careers.

What is the ultimate aim of counseling for the individuals to attain?

Answer: Self-understanding
The ultimate aim of counseling is for individuals to attain self-understanding. Through counseling, individuals gain insight into their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, allowing them to develop a deeper understanding of themselves. This self-understanding helps individuals make sense of their experiences, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and make informed decisions about their lives. It also promotes personal growth, self-acceptance, and the ability to navigate challenges more effectively. Overall, self-understanding is a crucial aspect of counseling as it empowers individuals to lead more fulfilling and authentic lives.
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