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Mrs. Jones is walking toward you. You are looking at her from a (an)_______________view?

Answer: Anterior
Anterior refers to the front or forward-facing direction. In this scenario, since Mrs. Jones is walking towards the person, they are looking at her from an anterior view. This means that the person is facing Mrs. Jones and observing her from the front.

Mrs. Smith has poison ivy on her shoulder, the poor thing. She reaches her right hand over to her left shoulder to "scratch that itch." Which movement is occurring at her ELBOW joint?

Answer: Flexion
Flexion is the correct answer because when Mrs. Smith reaches her right hand over to her left shoulder to scratch the itch caused by the poison ivy, her elbow joint is bending. Flexion refers to the movement that decreases the angle between two bones at a joint, and in this case, the angle between the upper arm bone (humerus) and the forearm bones (radius and ulna) is decreasing as Mrs. Smith brings her hand closer to her shoulder.

Which movement is occurring at Mrs. Smith's right shoulder when she "scratches that itch"?

Answer: Internal Rotation
Internal rotation refers to the movement of a body part towards the midline of the body. In the given scenario, when Mrs. Smith "scratches that itch" using her right shoulder, she is likely moving her arm inward towards her body's midline, indicating internal rotation at her right shoulder. This movement allows her to reach the itchy spot on her body.

Jane feels compelled to do a few jumping jacks. Which movement is taking place as her hands come together above her head?

Answer: Abduction
As Jane's hands come together above her head while doing jumping jacks, the movement taking place is abduction. Abduction refers to the movement of a body part away from the midline of the body or the central axis of a limb. In this case, Jane's arms are moving away from the midline of her body as she raises them above her head during the jumping jack exercise.

Jane has completed those jumping jacks. Her hands are now at her side. Which movement did she complete?

Answer: Adduction
Adduction refers to the movement of a body part towards the midline of the body. In this scenario, Jane's hands were initially away from her body while performing jumping jacks, but now they are at her side, indicating that she has brought her hands closer to the midline of her body. Therefore, the correct movement that Jane completed is adduction.

Tilt your head, bringing your right ear to your right shoulder. What is the movement of your neck?

Answer: Lateral Flexion
Lateral flexion refers to the movement of the neck where the head is tilted to the side, bringing the right ear towards the right shoulder. This movement occurs in the frontal plane, allowing the neck to bend sideways. Rotation, on the other hand, refers to the movement of the neck where the head is turned or rotated. Medial flexion and external flexion are not valid terms used to describe the movement of the neck.

Mrs. Cicoria is mad at Mr. Cicoria. Her posture is as follows: She is standing with her left foot pointed forward, her right foot is pointed out the side, her hands are on her hips, and she is tapping her right foot up and down off the floor. Which answer best describes the action of her right HIP joint?

Answer: External Rotation
The action of her right HIP joint can be best described as external rotation. External rotation refers to the movement of a body part away from the midline or center of the body. In this case, the right foot pointed out to the side indicates that the hip joint is externally rotated.

The reason Mrs. Cicoria is angry is that she held out her right hand, PALM UP, waiting for Mr. Cicoria to give her some cash so that she could go shopping. What best describes this movement?

Answer: Supination
Supination best describes the movement of Mrs. Cicoria's right hand when she held it out with her palm up, waiting for Mr. Cicoria to give her cash. Supination refers to the movement of the forearm and hand in a way that turns the palm facing upward or forward. In this case, Mrs. Cicoria's palm was facing upward, indicating supination.

GI Joe is working on his third set of thirty push-ups. Which best describes the position he is in?

Answer: Prone
The term "prone" refers to a position where the person is lying face down with their chest and stomach touching the ground. In the given scenario, GI Joe is working on his third set of push-ups, which typically involves lying face down on the ground and pushing himself up using his arms. Therefore, the best description for the position he is in is "prone".

What is the movement of her ankles if she stands on her tiptoe to get her hands on her favorite dish in the cupboard?

Answer: Plantar Flexion
When a person stands on their tiptoes, their ankles move in a motion called plantar flexion. Plantar flexion is the movement where the top of the foot moves away from the shin, pointing the toes downward. This motion allows the person to reach higher and extend their reach, enabling them to get their hands on the favorite dish in the cupboard.

Mark is sitting in a chair, legs out in front of him, resting on an ottoman. His knees are:

Answer: Extended
Mark's knees are extended because they are straightened and not bent. In this position, his legs are out in front of him and resting on an ottoman, indicating that his knees are not flexed or hyperextended. Additionally, there is no mention of his knees being rotated, so the correct answer is extended.

Remember when Mrs. Cicoria was mad, she was tapping her right foot on the floor? Which best describes her ANKLE movement as her foot lifts off the floor in an UPWARD motion?

Answer: Dorsiflexion 
When Mrs. Cicoria lifts her foot off the floor in an upward motion, the best description for her ankle movement is dorsiflexion. Dorsiflexion refers to the movement of the foot towards the shin, which is what happens when the foot is lifted off the floor in an upward motion.

Tom has just received his new Hoveround! As he prepares to get into his chair safely, he straightens and braces his left arm on the left armrest of the chair. He bends forward to flip up the footplate of the chair. Which movements have occurred at his ELBOW and HIP joints?

Answer: Extension of the elbow, flexion of the hip.
In the scenario described, movements have occurred at Tom's ELBOW and HIP joints. This involves extending the elbow joint as Tom straightens his left arm to brace it on the armrest. Bending forward involves flexion at the hip joint as Tom leans forward to flip up the footplate of the chair.

Which BEST describes the action you complete every day when you turn OFF the ignition of your van?

Answer: Pronation
When you turn OFF the ignition of your van, you rotate your hand and forearm in a way that allows the palm of your hand to face downwards or towards the ground. This movement is known as pronation.

Jillian is the cutest baby; she is lying in her crib, playing with the toy that is hanging above her. What position is Jillian lying in?

Answer: Supine
Jillian is lying in the supine position. The supine position refers to lying flat on the back, facing upward. In this position, the person's chest and abdomen are facing upward, while the back is in contact with the surface they are lying on. Since the question states that Jillian is lying in her crib and playing with a toy above her, it suggests that she is lying on her back, which corresponds to the supine position.
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