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RGB is to PPI as CMYK is to _________.

Answer: Dots per inch
The question is asking for a comparison between RGB and PPI and finding a similar comparison for CMYK. RGB refers to the color model used for digital displays, while PPI (pixels per inch) measures the resolution or density of pixels on a screen. Similarly, CMYK is a color model used for printing, and the corresponding measurement for its resolution or density is dots per inch (dpi). Therefore, the correct answer is "dots per inch."

The complement of blue is __________.

Answer: Orange
The complement of color is the color that is directly opposite it on the color wheel. In this case, blue is the opposite of orange on the color wheel, making orange the complement of blue.

A triadic partner for yellow is _________.

Answer: Blue
Yellow is a primary color and its triadic partner can be found by drawing an equilateral triangle on the color wheel. The two other points of the triangle will represent the triadic partners. In this case, blue is the triadic partner for yellow because it forms an equilateral triangle with yellow and red on the color wheel.

When a design calls for a spiraling text, this application will facilitate the job.

Answer: Illustrator
Illustrator is a graphic design software that is commonly used for creating vector-based illustrations and designs. It has a variety of tools and features that make it easy to create and manipulate text, including the ability to create spiraling text. This makes it the ideal application to use when a design calls for spiraling text, as it provides the necessary tools and functionality to accomplish this task efficiently.

The major difference between graphic designers and graphic artists is:

Answer: Graphic designers have ultimate creative control.
The major difference between graphic designers and graphic artists often lies in the level of creative control and the nature of their work. Graphic designers may have more involvement in strategic decision-making and have a comprehensive role in the design process, including aspects beyond pure artistry. Graphic artists may focus more on creating visual art without necessarily being as involved in the broader design strategy. However, these distinctions can vary depending on individual roles and the specific context of the work.

A graphic image with a central figure is an example of this type of composition:

Answer: Balanced
A graphic image with a central figure is an example of a balanced composition. In a balanced composition, the visual elements are distributed evenly around a central point, creating a sense of equilibrium and harmony in the image. The central figure acts as a focal point, and the elements around it are arranged in a way that maintains visual balance.

Vector-based graphic work is _____.

Answer: Scalable
Vector-based graphic work is scalable because it is created using mathematical equations and geometric shapes, rather than pixels. This means that the graphics can be resized without losing any quality or becoming pixelated. This makes vector graphics ideal for logos, illustrations, and any other design that may need to be resized for different purposes, such as printing or web display. Additionally, vector graphics tend to have smaller file sizes compared to raster graphics, which can be advantageous for storage and transmission purposes.

This is the first color that the human eye reacts to when it comes into vision.

Answer: Green
The human eye is most sensitive to green light, followed by red and blue. This is due to the distribution of cone cells in the retina, with the highest concentration of green-sensitive cones.

One of the golden rules of graphic design is to keep the design asymmetrically balanced.  To do so, this is one of the best rules to help organize the design:

Answer: Rules of odds.
The Rule of Odds suggests that designs or compositions are more visually appealing when there is an odd number of elements, rather than an even number. This rule can help create a sense of balance and interest, particularly in asymmetrical designs. By using an odd number of items, the eye is naturally drawn to the center element, creating a focal point and a balanced, harmonious composition.

The Bauhaus taught us that the holy trinity of colors for graphic design are:

Answer: Red, blue, and yellow.
The Bauhaus, an influential art and design school, emphasized the use of primary colors—red, blue, and yellow—as fundamental elements in design and art education. These primary colors are considered the basic building blocks for creating a wide range of other colors and were central to the Bauhaus philosophy of combining simplicity with functionality in design.

The placement of graphics and text on a graphic design is known as _________.

Answer: Composition
Composition refers to the arrangement and placement of graphics and text on a graphic design. It involves considering the visual balance, hierarchy, and overall aesthetic appeal of the design. The composition plays a crucial role in guiding the viewer's eye, conveying the intended message effectively, and creating a harmonious and visually pleasing design.

What is the primary function of a critique of your design?

Answer: To improve the overall design.
The primary function of a critique of your design is to improve the overall design. A critique aims to identify flaws, provide constructive feedback, and suggest improvements that can enhance the design. It focuses on analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the design, offering suggestions for refinement, and ultimately helping the designer to create a better end product. By providing valuable insights and perspectives, a critique plays a crucial role in the iterative design process, pushing the designer to consider alternative approaches and make necessary improvements.

The only time it is alright to pull a graphic from Google is _______.

Answer: Never
Using graphics from Google without proper permission or licensing is a violation of copyright laws. Graphics found on Google are often protected by copyright, and using them without authorization can lead to legal consequences. It's important to either create your own graphics, use graphics that you have licensed or obtained permission to use, or utilize free graphics from sites that provide them under appropriate licenses (e.g., Creative Commons). Therefore, the correct answer is "Never."

Photographic-based work produced for the web would be best designed using this application.

Answer: PhotoShop
Photographic-based work produced for the web would be best designed using PhotoShop because it is a powerful image editing software that offers a wide range of tools and features specifically designed for manipulating and enhancing photographs. It allows users to retouch, resize, and adjust colors and tones in images, as well as create complex compositions and add special effects. PhotoShop also provides options for optimizing images for web use, such as saving files in web-friendly formats and optimizing file size without compromising image quality. Overall, PhotoShop's capabilities make it the ideal application for creating and editing photographic-based work for the web.

What is the name of the design school that used primary colors and simple shapes as part of its aesthetics and is favored by Michael Beirut?

Answer: De Stil School
The correct answer is De Stil School. This design school, also known as De Stijl, was a Dutch artistic movement that emerged in the early 20th century. It focused on simplicity, abstraction, and the use of primary colors and simple geometric shapes. Michael Beirut, a renowned graphic designer, is known to favor the aesthetics of De Stil School in his work. The movement had a significant influence on modern art, design, and architecture.

 A legal-size piece of paper is

Answer: 8.5 x 14
A legal-size piece of paper is 8.5 x 14. Legal-size paper is larger than standard letter-size paper, which is 8.5 x 11. The dimensions of 8.5 x 14 make the paper longer and narrower compared to letter-size paper. This size is commonly used for legal documents, contracts, and official forms as it provides more space for text and signatures.

The guidelines in Illustrator produces are

Answer: Blue
In Adobe Illustrator, the guidelines are indeed blue by default. They are used to assist with alignment and positioning of objects within the workspace. The guidelines can be dragged from the rulers at the edge of the document and are helpful for precise design placement.

The split complement of  blue-violet is 

Answer: Yellow
The split complement of blue-violet is yellow. Split complement refers to the two colors that are on either side of the complement of a given color. The complement of blue-violet is yellow-orange. Therefore, the split complement of blue-violet is yellow, which is on one side of the complement.

What is the name of the color of a triadic color scheme that has red-violet in it? 

Answer: Blue-green
A triadic color scheme consists of three colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel. In this case, the color scheme includes red-violet, which is a shade of purple. The other two colors in the scheme would be equally spaced from red-violet, forming a triangle on the color wheel. The closest option to blue-green is green, which is also a part of the triadic color scheme. Therefore, the correct answer is blue-green.

Which of the following formats should never be given to the client?

Answer: .psd
The .psd format should never be given to the client because it is a proprietary file format used by Adobe Photoshop. This format contains multiple layers, editable text, and other features that may not be compatible with other software or devices. Providing the client with a .psd file could lead to confusion or difficulties in accessing and using the design files. It is recommended to provide the client with more widely supported formats such as .png, .gif, or .jpg.
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