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In any level of our academics we will be required to know a thing or two about computers. Some of us move on to study it complexly while other just has to know the basics and they are considered okay. This quiz will evaluate how...

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    An electronic tool that allows information to be input, processed, and output

Final exam for students enrolled in the "Introduction to Computers," class at Project Hope Community Center.

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    Microsoft Office can be classified under what heading of application software:

This test is over computer basics.

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    A computer is 

This will test your competence and knowledge in the computer world!!

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    The abbreviation PC, stands for:

Introduction to Computers with Ecitizen - a practice test

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    What is a Search Engine?

Introduction To Computer Questions & Answers

Which electronic tool allows information to be input, processed and output?
The answer to this is C. Computers. A computer is actually a vital tool that people use every day. There are some people who use it to do work. There are also some who use it for their other hobbies. The beauty of the computer is that it has a large
What is the formula in B7 field of the picture?
=ave(B3:B5) That's the correct answer. How can you add the figures in cell range (B3:B6) and still get 20?
What other than numbering is used to create ordered/unordered list in a document?
The answer to this is the bullet. You can use bullet form in order to give emphasis to certain points within the document. Let us say that you would like to show some rules, you can use bullet points instead of numbers to highlight those rules. This
What is the worldwide network of computers called?
The world-wide network of computers, once the "World-wide Web" is now known as the Internet, short for the International Network (of computers). Once a dream, then a dramatic potentiality as more companies, then more countries, and lastly m