Would I Make A Good Girlfriend?

5 Questions | Total Attempts: 833

Would I Make A Good Girlfriend? - Quiz

A quiz to see whether you as a person would make a good girlfriend.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    How would you ask a boy out?
    • A. 

      Just go up and ask them out.

    • B. 

      Go up and get into them.

  • 2. 
    Wouls you rush into sex?
    • A. 

      No i wouldnt feel right.

    • B. 

      Yes the quicker the better.

  • 3. 
    If you were going out with a boy would you betray him and then cover it up as a bit of harmless fun?
    • A. 

      No what has he done to me.

    • B. 

      Yeah man, the more the merrier.

  • 4. 
    If a boy was really nice but not that good looking would that change your views on going out with him?
    • A. 

      No looks are not everything.

    • B. 

      Course it would, the minger.

  • 5. 
    Finally do you consider your self single?
    • A. 

      No im with someone.

    • B. 

      Definatley, fuck him.

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