Would A Girl Date You, Or Say No In A Heart Beat

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| By Sadierulez
Community Contributor
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Would A Girl Date You, Or Say No In A Heart Beat - Quiz

This is a quiz for guys or girls if your a lez, but anywho this quiz is for people who think they can/cant get a date, but might/might not be able to. I HOPE YPU ENJOY THIS QUIZ!

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    If the girl you like walks up to you  do you

    • A.

      Say hi then walk away

    • B.

      Say hey how's it going

    • C.

      Say hey! whats your name? Im....(state your name)

  • 2. 

    If a girl you like asks you id your going out with any one you

    • A.

      Say no why

    • B.

      Say maybe i do maybe i dont

    • C.

      Say no do you

  • 3. 

    If your buddie tells the girl you like that you like her, and she comes up to you and asks if its true you

    • A.

      Say no i dont know what got into him/her

    • B.

      Say maybe why

    • C.

      Just come clean and ask her if she likes you too

  • 4. 

    If this girl you like asks you to hold her bag, you

    • A.

      Freakishly look for evidence if she likes you

    • B.

      Say okay and just hold it till she gets back

    • C.

      Say ok and take one little peak

  • 5. 

    If the girl you like is going out with someone you

    • A.

      Go to the guy and beat him up

    • B.

      Just wait your turn

    • C.

      Ask her why him and not you

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