Which Mcdonald's Mnu Item Are You?

5 Questions | Attempts: 476

Which Mcdonalds Mnu Item Are You? - Quiz

What Burger are you? Are you a whopper? A Big Mac? Find out here.

You May Get

Big Mac

you tend to keep your secrets secret. you love catchy tunes. you also  are popular, but a little overweight.


You like sports. you also are in good shape, and you might be a vegitarain. hoever when you get mad, you feel like your turning green.
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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    What would you do if you had no school/work for a day?
    • A. 

      Go to the fast food place with my friends

    • B. 

      Play basketball

    • C. 

      Make a theory invloving dark matter and protons

  • 2. 
    Your house has been robbed. what do you do?
    • A. 

      Work with my freinds to catch this horrible guy.

    • B. 

      Have a tantrum and destroy whoever did it

    • C. 

      Caculate how long it took to take my stuff

  • 3. 
    Yo hve unlimeted time on the computer. what do you do?
    • A. 

      Create a social networking site and only allow my freinds to use it

    • B. 

      Ignore it and play football

    • C. 

      Create a script to create string values when ever i give a commaand

  • 4. 
    Th power goes out while you are watching TV. what do you do?
    • A. 

      Make up a crazy game and play it with my freinds in the dark.

    • B. 

      Pllay basketball. and dont even watch tv!

    • C. 

      Fix it using bubble gum and duct tape

  • 5. 
    It's your birthday prty but nobody cares and pretends its a normal day. what do you do?
    • A. 

      Nothing. it's probly a suprise party.

    • B. 

      Destroy everyone who perticapates in this.

    • C. 

      Build a robot to destroy them all

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