What Would You Do Near Your Lover Boy?

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Answer this quiz and it will tell you if you been doing the right things near a boy. Girls quiz! So boys if you do this girls with think your an idiot.

You May Get

You have been the lady!

Great! You been acting great near the boy! Make him love you more with your skills and you might just be ready for a relatsionship! ♥♥♥

Um... Its been wrong...

Looks like  you been acting a slut and stupid emo girl to him. I dont think he's the guy for you.
Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    You see your boy walking slowly to his class room what do you do?
    • A. 

      You say hi! And wave to him

    • B. 

      You walk like nothing happened.

  • 2. 
    Your class has gone to skating field trip. you go to school at 11:00 o' clock you enter the school and you see your crush sitting on the couch and waving at you. What do you do back?
    • A. 

      Wave back and go and sit beside him

    • B. 

      Dont wave and make the sign: I'm going to kill you.

  • 3. 
    Your lover doesnt seem intrested in you anymore. he goes  to play halo 3 with your friends what  do you do?
    • A. 

      Ask him if you can play. (You act cute and ask polietly.)

    • B. 

      Say aww hell no that game stinks why would I even bother to play?

  • 4. 
    You relize your lover looks deep into your eyes like your eyes are the stars what do you do next
    • A. 

      Gently smile at him and crook your head a bit to the right and look into his eyes.

    • B. 

      Look like: what the hell you looking at me for? buzz off big chicken!

  • 5. 
    You pissed in your pants at recess. your lover sees your pants wet. what do you tell him?
    • A. 

      Justin spilt water on my pants.

    • B. 

      Say whats wrong you big baby?

  • 6. 
    Your lover is about to kiss you what will you do?
    • A. 

      Go closer and kiss him

    • B. 

      Slap him across the face

    • C. 

      Say ewwww

  • 7. 
    U see your crush going out with another girl. whats the reply?
    • A. 

      Sweetie why are you leaving me?

    • B. 

      Hey i hear you got the worst girl

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