What Song: Avril Lavigne

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| Written by AvrilBandaids
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What Song: Avril Lavigne - Quiz

What song is that? I know i've heard it somewhere. .
It is guaranteed a song from Avril's discography
Time: 10 minutes
NB! Remember to post a screenshot of your score when you finish the quiz
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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    These words keep slipping away

    The given correct answer includes different variations of the phrase "Things I'll Never Say" and its abbreviation "TINS". These words are likely song titles or lyrics from a song. The variations may indicate different versions or covers of the same song.

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  • 2. 

    We can go, no holding back

  • 3. 

    Acting stupid for fun

    The given answer "17, Seventeen" seems to be a response to the phrase "Acting stupid for fun." It is possible that the number 17 is being used as a humorous way to indicate that acting stupid can be associated with immaturity or childish behavior. Additionally, the word "Seventeen" could be a playful reference to the age when many individuals are still learning and growing, and may engage in silly or foolish behavior as part of their development.

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  • 4. 

    And i'm not gonna change 

  • 5. 

    You came back to find i was gone

  • 6. 

    There's a girl

  • 7. 

    And when i'm around you

  • 8. 

    I just wanna be your baby

  • 9. 

    Tell me

  • 10. 

    You will always be

  • 11. 

    It's nice to know that you were there

    The given answer "My Happy Ending, MHE" is the correct answer because it matches the information provided in the question. The question states that the song is called "My Happy Ending" and is also known as "MHE" which is an abbreviation for the song title. Therefore, "My Happy Ending, MHE" is the correct answer.

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  • 12. 

    But i'm not lost

  • 13. 

    Can't find where i am

  • 14. 

    Back to what was never said

    The given answer "Take Me Away, TMA" is the correct answer because it directly corresponds to the given information "Take Me Away" and its abbreviation "TMA". The answer provides the requested information without any additional context or explanation needed.

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  • 15. 

    Meet you at the spot

    The correct answer is "Here's To Never Growing Up, Heres to never growing up, HTNGU". This is because all three options are different variations of the same phrase, which is the title of a song called "Here's To Never Growing Up". The options are written in different formats, but they all represent the same phrase.

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  • 16. 

    And everything's a mess

    The given answer consists of different variations of the phrase "I'm With You". This suggests that the phrase "I'm With You" is the correct answer to the question. The other variations, "Im with you" and "IWY", are likely included as alternative ways of expressing the same phrase.

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  • 17. 

    Do you need, do you need me?

    The given answer "I Love You, ILY" is a response to the question "Do you need, do you need me?" It is a way of expressing love and affection towards someone. "ILY" is an abbreviation commonly used to convey the phrase "I Love You". This response indicates that the person does not only need the other person but also loves them deeply.

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  • 18. 

    I think about you all the time

    The given phrase "I think about you all the time" is commonly associated with someone who is in a romantic relationship. Therefore, the correct answer for this question is "Girlfriend."

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  • 19. 

    A little help is all it ever takes

  • 20. 

    She's so good that you won't see it coming

    The correct answer is "One Of Those Girls" abbreviated as "OOTG". This phrase implies that the person being referred to is very skilled or talented in a way that is unexpected or surprising. The phrase "She's so good that you won't see it coming" emphasizes the element of surprise and suggests that the person's abilities are impressive and not easily predictable.

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  • 21. 

    You try to say

  • 22. 

    All the time i spent with you everyday

  • 23. 

    All the pain, the tears i cried

  • 24. 

    Too many problems

    The given correct answer includes three options: "Nobody's Home," "Nobodys home," and "NH." These options are all different ways of expressing the same idea, which is that there is nobody at home. The options may vary in terms of capitalization or abbreviation, but they all convey the same meaning. Therefore, any of these options would be considered correct.

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  • 25. 

    I hope that it will stay

    The given answer "Innocence" is the correct answer because the phrase "I hope that it will stay" indicates a desire for something to remain in its current state. In this case, the speaker hopes for innocence to continue or remain unchanged. The word "Innocence" aligns perfectly with this context and makes sense in relation to the given phrase.

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