What 'the Outsiders' Blog Character Are You?

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| By PonyboyCurtis
Community Contributor
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The Outsiders Quizzes & Trivia

For Anyone Who Has Read The Outsiders Blog (One Of The Links) www. Ponyboycurtis-blog. Blogspot. Com

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Muffin's Or Cupcakes?

    • A.


    • B.

      Cupcakes! Duh!

    • C.

      Either One. They're Both Good

    • D.


  • 2. 

    Favorite Artist

    • A.

      Britney Spears

    • B.

      All Time Low

    • C.


  • 3. 


    • A.

      Soda :)

    • B.

      Beer....Or An Alcohol

    • C.


  • 4. 

    R U A Greaser Or Socs?

    • A.


    • B.


  • 5. 

    Pick A Color.

    • A.


    • B.


    • C.


    • D.


    • E.


  • 6. 

    What Did You Say? (Which Line Is From One Of Your Post? If You Dont Have A Blog Which One Are You More Likely To Say?)

    • A.

      'It's cause I dont know what to get them. maybe I should get them hair grease. haha, I mean they use it ont they?'

    • B.

      'When it got time to leave and after we had, had our fun we went to get our clothes and of course mine were missin. I'll give you one guess who took em.'

    • C.

      'We kept on talking to the waitress and distracting her just to piss off the other customers there cause they were Socs. Then we found our old bikes in our garages and took them for a spin. A word of advice, be careful with a bikes that are 10 years old.'

    • D.

      'Surprisingly nobody was there; apparently everyone was busy on the one night my sister chose for me to have a social life…'

    • E.

      'please don't leave D: ! im sorry how cheesy this paragaph is, i just really wanted to tell you how much it ment to me if you left. well i hope your happy.'

    • F.

      'So you can basically get the picture of the next four or maybe five hours. I frankly don't remember and maybe it's better that way. Only God knows what I did. Yikes. So finally, after there was nothing left for me to drink or party at for that matter, I headed home. Thank God I didn't drive. I would have killed myself'

    • G.

      'It was SO fun. After dancing for a while this guy came up to me and asked if he could buy me a drink and I said sure. When we were at the bar thing I found out that his name....'

    • H.

      'I own pony the pony'

    • I.

      'There were like 5 or 6 Socs outside of the warehouse just walking around so I had to be careful and sneaky. But I accidently slipped in a puddle of water and they saw me. I didnt know what to do so I got up and ran. I almost made it to The Curtis's neighborhood when one of the Socs caught me.'

    • J.

      'One of the socs took out his switch and cut the rope and when the blade hit it, it cut my wrists. I fell to the ground and started crying. A door slammed open and it was the gang. The socs took off. '

    • K.

      ' "teach me how to be a gangster!" I childhood dream only I knew about. Johnny smiled. First we gotta get you some gangster clothes.'

    • L.

      'I used to pretend that I wasn't scared of anything, I didn't give two shits about anything. But fuck man was I ever scared. I wanted to be like Dallas... He doesn't care. He'll do whatever he wants, just because he can. Sure he cares about his friends, but I'm sure he's never worried like me. '

    • M.

      'But I heard Johnny telling me to put it away so I looked at him and Rusty-James got me in the side of the head with is fist.. I threw the knife at the crowd and punched Rusty-James hard in the ribs, then kicked him in the shin.'

    • N.

      'Anyways, over at the Curtis's house im getting sick of chocolate cake. I NEVER want to see it again! Im trying to figure out what the boys want for christmas. Why dont i get them chocolate cake? Nah remember i never want to see it again! Maybe ill get them chocolate flavored cigarettes!'

    • O.

      'He smiled and walked into the kitchen to get breakfast.After breakfast we opened gifts. I worked overtime to get Pony's gift.I touched one of the many sores on my back.Ouch!I'

    • P.

      'Hes fiesty that one. it was dark in the theatre so i guess he hadnt noticed the scrambling, growling dog underneath my shirt. I was gettin bored so me and the kids i was with got some straws and blew the rapers at the back o peoples heads. We started throwing other things such as popcorn and candy.Well, after we all got kicked out for throwing things at old people, me and spunk wer lonein it again.'

    • Q.

      'I was gonna go home after that, I was thinking maybe tonight just wasn't my night. As I was walking out I heard these girls talking. Their laughter was too loud to ignore.'

    • R.

      'I couldnt pay attention well with a beautiful girl sitting next to me. A beautiful girl that I love. I decided it was time, I've been waiting for a while. But I had to do it now, I just couldnt wait. '

    • S.

      'Remember when i said you can tell alot about a guy by watching his face through a chick flick well here is wat i learned about Johnny: He is sensitive, yet tough, he is loyal always comes through for hs friends and family , he is experienced , and he is passionate(don't think wrong ppl!), he can be serious and funny and extremely sweet, but U DON'T WANNA MESS WITH HIM OR THINGS IMPORTANT TO HIM.'

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