Verb Be: Simple Questions

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Verb Be: Simple Questions - Quiz

A test to practice simple questions with the verb be.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Give short answers to the following questions:1. Is my dog cute?

    The given correct answer is "Yes, it is." This suggests that the person believes the dog is cute. The other two options "No, it isn't." and "No, it is not." indicate that the person does not find the dog cute.

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    2. Are the students sad?

    The given answer "Yes, they are" is correct because it directly corresponds to the question "Are the students sad?". The answer confirms that the students are indeed sad.

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    3. Is my friend Bryan young?

    The given correct answer is "No, he isn't" and "No, he is not." This implies that the friend Bryan is not young.

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    4. Are my family and I on a picnic?

    The question asks whether the person asking, along with their family, is on a picnic. The answer confirms that they are indeed on a picnic.

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    5. Are you happy now?

    The given answer includes both options provided in the question, "Yes, I am" and "No, I am not."

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    6. Is Maritza a singer?

    The given answer states that Maritza is not a singer. This is inferred from the responses "No, she is not" and "No, she isn't." Both responses indicate a negative answer to the question. Therefore, it can be concluded that Maritza is not a singer.

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    7. Am I crazy?

    The question asks whether the person is crazy or not. The answer options provide different variations of "Yes, you are" and "No, you aren't" to address the question.

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  • 8. 

    8. Are these cats dangerous?

    The correct answer to the question "Are these cats dangerous?" is "No, they aren't." or "No, they're not." or "No, they are not." This answer implies that the cats in question are not dangerous.

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  • 9. 

    9. Is the doctor thin?

    The question asks if the doctor is thin. Both responses "No, he is not" and "No, he isn't" indicate that the doctor is not thin. The use of "not" in both responses negates the statement that the doctor is thin, confirming that the doctor is indeed not thin.

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  • 10. 

    10. Are you and your friends good children? 

    The question asks whether the person and their friends are good children. The answer options provide different ways to express agreement or disagreement with this statement. The correct answers are "Yes, we are" and "No, we are not" as they directly respond to the question and provide a clear answer. The other options are variations of the correct answers, using contractions or different punctuation, but they still convey the same meaning.

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