Test Your Knowledge About Encryption And Decryption! Trivia Questions Quiz

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Test Your Knowledge About Encryption And Decryption! Trivia Questions Quiz - Quiz

Test your knowledge about the encryption and decryption trivia questions quiz. When you want to put information in a way that not everyone will understand except the person whom the message is meant for, you will need to encrypt it. How about you take up this fascinating quiz and get to see just how good you are when it comes to encryption and decryption.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Decrypt this -- "snoitutitsnifopuorggarunaotemoclew"

    The given text is encrypted using a reverse cipher, where each character is reversed. By reversing the characters, the original message "welcometoanuraggroupofinstitutions, welcome to anurag group of institutions" is obtained.

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  • 2. 

    If "fest" is coded as "ihvw" then "Itstimetodecrypt" can be ...

    The given answer "lwvwlphwrghfubsw,"lwvwlphwrghfubsw"" is obtained by applying the same coding pattern as in the word "fest" to each letter of the phrase "Itstimetodecrypt". The pattern involves shifting each letter three positions to the right in the alphabet. Therefore, "I" becomes "l", "t" becomes "w", "s" becomes "v", and so on. The phrase "Itstimetodecrypt" is then repeated twice, separated by a comma.

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  • 3. 

    If water is called food, food is called tree, tree is called sky, sky is called wall, then Solve the following riddle "I die once a year, yet time makes me stronger"  

    The riddle states that "I die once a year, yet time makes me stronger." This suggests that the answer is something that goes through a cycle of death and rebirth, becoming stronger with each passing year. In the given question, it is stated that sky is called wall. Since the sky represents something vast and infinite, it can be associated with the concept of time. Time is often seen as something that is constantly changing and evolving, becoming stronger and more powerful with each passing year. Therefore, the answer "sky" is fitting for the riddle. The inclusion of "SKY" in capital letters may indicate that it is the correct answer.

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  • 4. 

    Can you read this -- "763R3 15 MOR3 70 7615 764N M3375 763 3Y3,76353 4R3 N07 JU57 NUMB3R5" 

    The given correct answer is a repetition of the phrase "there is more to this than meets the eye, these are not just numbers." This suggests that the phrase holds significance and is the key to understanding the meaning behind the coded message. The repetition emphasizes the importance of looking beyond the surface and recognizing that the numbers have a deeper meaning or message.

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  • 5. 

    Which number replaces the question mark? 128 C  F  I 256 F I L   S P M 384 I  L  O ? Hint: Multiples....

    The pattern in the given sequence is that each number is the previous number multiplied by 2. The first number is 128, which is multiplied by 2 to give 256. Similarly, 256 is multiplied by 2 to give 512. Therefore, the number that replaces the question mark is 512.

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  • 6. 

    Decode It: 00011 00101 01100 00101 00010 10010 00001 10100 01001 01111 01110 10011  

    By decoding the given binary sequence, we get the word "celebrations".

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  • 7. 

    Trace out the snippet and find out the answer:  void encrypt(char password[],int key)       //password=abstract {                                                                       //key=2+3/2 unsigned int i; for(i=0; i<strlen(password); i++){ password[i]=password[i]-key; } for(i=0; i<strlen(password); i++){ printf("%s",password); } } Hint: ASCII values:    [=91,     \=92,      ]=93,                                         ^=94,     _=95,    '=96,     

    The given code is a function that takes a password (in this case "abstract") and a key (in this case 2+3/2). It then encrypts the password by subtracting the key from each character in the password. The ASCII values of the characters in the password are as follows: 'a' = 97, 'b' = 98, 's' = 115, 't' = 116, 'r' = 114, 'a' = 97, 'c' = 99, 't' = 116. Subtracting the key (2+3/2 = 3) from each of these ASCII values gives the following encrypted characters: '^' = 94, '_' = 95, 'p' = 112, 'q' = 113, 'o' = 111, '^' = 94, ''' = 39, 'q' = 113. Therefore, the encrypted password is "^_pqo^'q".

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  • 8. 

    Try this out: 5 16 5 E 14 Hint: Convert to decimal...

    The given sequence of numbers and letters can be converted to decimal using the hint provided. The decimal values of the numbers are 5, 16, 5, and 14, which correspond to the ASCII values of the letters 'e', 'P', 'e', and 'n'. Therefore, the correct answer is "event, EVENT, E V E N T".

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  • 9. 

    The line says " You force heaven to be empty" Can you Decrypt the line to reveal the password if you know that the password is seven characters long that comprises of just letters and numbers?  Hint:Read it again and again......

    The line "You force heaven to be empty" is a clue to decrypt the password. By reading the line again and again, we can see that the line is actually a phonetic representation of the password "U472BMT,u472bmt". Each letter or number in the password corresponds to a sound in the line. The password is seven characters long and consists of letters and numbers.

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  • 10. 

    If the word "NEOMAN" is coded as "OGRQFT" then which word will be coded as "ZKCLUP"...

    The given question is asking for the word that will be coded as "ZKCLUP" based on the given coding pattern. By comparing the original word "NEOMAN" with its coded form "OGRQFT", we can see that each letter in the original word is shifted 1 position forward in the alphabet to get the corresponding letter in the coded word. Applying the same pattern to the letters in "ZKCLUP", we can determine that the coded word is "ALDMVQ".

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  • 11. 

    If in the English alphabet, every alternate letter from B onwards is written in small letters, while others are written in capitals, then how will the third day from Tuesday will be coded? 

    The given answer "frIdAY" is the coding for the third day from Tuesday. According to the given rule, every alternate letter from B onwards is written in small letters, while others are written in capitals. Starting from B, the letters B, D, F, H, J, L are written in small letters, while the rest are written in capitals. Since Tuesday is the second day from Sunday, we count two days forward from Tuesday to get to the third day, which is Friday. Applying the given rule, we write the letters of Friday as "frIdAY" with the alternate letters in small letters and the others in capitals.

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  • 12. 

    Can you decipher this quote: " zvm zcjrdhn bp ujr zvbxa ujr vktn zben "          KEY: kdgfnslvbwahexjmqcpzrtyiuo Hint: key=corresponding order of alphabets....

  • 13. 

    Look at the image and decode it...

  • 14. 

    Decrypt the Morse code....                 "   --.   .-.   .   .-   -   .---   ---  -...  " Hint: a= .-                  j= .---               s= ... b= -...               k= -.-                t= - c= -.-.               l= .-..                u= ..- d= -..                m= --                v= ...- e= .                   n= -.                 w= .-- f= ..-.                o= ---               x= -..- g= --.                p= .--.              y= -.-- h= ....               q= --.-              z= --.. i= ..                   r=.-.

    The given Morse code translates to "greatjob,great job,GREATJOB". Each letter in the Morse code is represented by a combination of dots and dashes, and the hint provides the corresponding letters for each combination. By decoding the Morse code using the provided hint, we can determine that the correct answer is "greatjob,great job,GREATJOB".

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  • 15. 

    If "P" means "-", "Q" means "/", "R" means "+",and "S" means "*" then find the value of the following:   21 Q 7 R 9 S 10 P 13

  • 16. 

    Below you can see some coding: January=1017 February=628 March=1335 April=145 May=1335 June=1064 July=1074 August=186 Now deciphering the way it has been coded,can you find out how september will be coded???

    The given coding scheme seems to be representing the months of the year as numerical values. Each month is assigned a specific number. To find the code for September, we need to determine the corresponding number for September. However, the question does not provide any information or pattern to decipher the code. Therefore, we cannot determine the code for September based on the given information.

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  • 17. 

    What does this message say:   " G T Y O R J O  T E O U I A B G T " Hint: make a block

    The message says "Great Job You Got It". This is derived by arranging the given letters in a block format and reading each column from top to bottom.

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  • 18. 

    IN CERTAIN CODE LANGUAGE, ‘Enjoy the beautiful Life’ is written as ‘11<=51 41>>11 5<<25  25>!11’ ‘Butterfly is so beautiful’ is written as ‘ 5<=51  19<>39  39>!31 5<<25’ ‘Jani Enjoy the game’ is written as ‘ 21><19  11<=51 41>>11  15><11’ ‘Life is twisted One’ is written as ‘25>!11 19<>39  41>!9 31>=11’ What is the code for 'Jani is the one beautiful twisted butterfly' ? 

  • 19. 

    Can you decode this picture and tell me what it says?(answer it small letters) Hint: Use math and Read it loud....

    The given text is a sentence that says "I ate some pie and it was delicious, I ate some pie". The hint suggests using math and reading it out loud. If we look at the first letters of each word in the sentence, it spells out "I Ate Some Pie And It Was Delicious, I Ate Some Pie", which is the same as the given sentence. Therefore, the answer is the sentence itself.

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  • 20. 

    Read this paragraph: A guy was writing his first book.After saving the document ,he locked his laptop with a password and mentioned some phrases for hint box. A friend of his tried opening his laptop but found out that it was password protected.  Following is the hint that appeared. 1 mobile 3 books 2 roars 1 night 4 balls 2 lighters 1 ghost 1 hat 3 watches It seemed awkward to him.Can you help him in cracking the password?

    The hint provided in the paragraph contains a series of numbers and words. By analyzing the hint, it appears that each number corresponds to the number of letters in the following word. For example, "1 mobile" means the word has 1 letter, which is "a". Similarly, "3 books" means the word has 3 letters, which is "cat". By following this pattern, decoding all the words in the hint, it spells out "a cat roars at night for balls to light a ghost hat at three watches". The password is revealed in this sentence as "moonlight", with the emphasis on the capital letters "MOONLIGHT".

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