The Flight Of Icarus

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The Flight Of Icarus - Quiz

Read the myth and answer the questions.

Questions and Answers
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     When Theseus escaped from the labyrinth (Ariadne helped him), King Minos flew into a rage with its builder, Daedalus, and ordered him shut up in a high tower that faced the lonely sea. In time, with the help of his young son, Icarus, Daedalus managed to escape from the tower, only to find himself a prisoner on the island. Several times he tried to sail from Crete with the passing by ships, but King Minos kept strict watch over them, and no ships were allowed to sail without being carefully searched.Daedalus was an ingenious artist and was not discouraged by his failures. "Minos may control the land and sea," he said, "but he does not control the air. I will try that way."He called his son, Icarus, to him and told the boy to gather up all the feathers he could find on the rocky shore. Daedalus then melted some wax and made a skeleton in the shape of a bird's wing. The smallest feathers he pressed into the soft wax and the large ones he tied on with thread.When the wings were finished, Daedalus fastened them to his shoulders and found himself lifted upwards. Filled with excitement, he made another pair for his son. They were smaller than his own, but strong and beautiful.Finally, one clear, wind-swept morning, the wings were finished, and Daedalus fastened them to Icarus's shoulders and taught him how to fly. Soon Icarus was sure that he, too, could fly and Daedalus watched him proudly and one day said, "Icarus, my son, we are about to make our flight. No human being has eve traveled through the air before, and I want you to listen carefully to my instructions. Keep at moderate height, for if you fly too low, the water will spoil your wings, and if you fly too high, the heat will melt the wax that hold them together. Keep near me and you will be safe."He kissed Icarus and fastened the wins more securely to his son's shoulders. Icarus, standing in the bright sun, his golden hair wet with spray, and his eyes bright and dark with excitement, looked like a  bird. Daedalus's eyes filled with tears, and turning away, he soared into the sky, calling Icarus to follow. From time to time, he look back to see that the boy was safe and to note how he managed his wings in his flight.He flew higher and higher up into the blue sky until he reached the clouds. His father saw him and called out in alarm. He tried to follow him, but he was heavier and his wings would not carry him. Up and up Icarus soared, through the soft, moist clouds and out again toward the glorious sun. He was bewitched by a sense of freedom. The blazing sun beat down on the wings and softened the wax. Small feathers fell from the wings and floated softly down, warning Icarus to stay his flight. But the enchanted boy did not notice them until the sun became so hot that the largest feathers dropped off and he began to sink. He cried out to his father .Daedalus hurried to save him, but it was too late. Weeping bitterly, he buried his small son and called the sea and land Icarus in his memory.Then, with a flutter of wings, he once more took to the air, but the joy of his flight was gone and his victory over the air was bitter to him. He arrived safely in Sicily, where he built a temple to Apollo and hung up his wings as a gift to the god. 

  • 2. 

    Icarus and Daedalus were in 'trouble'.

    • A. 


    • B. 


    Correct Answer
    A. True
    Icarus and Daedalus were in 'trouble' because they attempted to escape from the Labyrinth on the island of Crete by using wings made of feathers and wax. Icarus, despite being warned by his father Daedalus, flew too close to the sun, causing the wax on his wings to melt. As a result, he fell into the sea and drowned. Therefore, it can be inferred that they were indeed in trouble.

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    What word would you use to describe Icarus from the list below?

    • A. 


    • B. 


    • C. 


    • D. 


    • E. 


    • F. 


    Correct Answer(s)
    A. Brave
    B. Arrogant
    C. Foolish
    D. Unlucky
    F. Self-conscious
    The word "brave" can be used to describe Icarus because he demonstrated courage and fearlessness by attempting to fly with wings made of feathers and wax. However, the word "arrogant" can also be used to describe him because he ignored warnings and flew too close to the sun, resulting in his downfall. Additionally, the word "foolish" can be used to describe him because he made a reckless decision without considering the consequences. The word "unlucky" can be used to describe him because his flight ended in tragedy. Lastly, the word "self-conscious" can be used to describe him because he may have been aware of the risks and potential failure of his flight.

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  • 4. 

    Why was it necessary for Daedalus and Icarus to escape by air?  

    • A. 

      All the ships were strictly watched over.

    • B. 

      Icarus couldn't swim.

    Correct Answer
    A. All the ships were strictly watched over.
    The reason it was necessary for Daedalus and Icarus to escape by air was because all the ships were strictly watched over. This means that if they had tried to escape by sea, they would have been caught and their plan would have failed. Therefore, their only option was to use their invention of wings to fly and avoid the watchful eyes of those guarding the ships. Additionally, the fact that Icarus couldn't swim further reinforced the need for an alternative method of escape.

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  • 5. 

    What was Daedalus' advice to his son?  

    • A. 

      Don't fly very close to the sun for your wings will melt

    • B. 

      Don't fly too close to the sun and don't fly too close to the sea

    Correct Answer
    B. Don't fly too close to the sun and don't fly too close to the sea
    Daedalus' advice to his son was not to fly too close to the sun and not to fly too close to the sea. This advice implies that one should maintain a moderate and balanced approach in life, avoiding extremes and taking necessary precautions to prevent any potential harm or danger. Flying too close to the sun represents overconfidence and arrogance, while flying too close to the sea symbolizes being too cautious and fearful. By advising his son to avoid both extremes, Daedalus emphasizes the importance of finding a middle ground and exercising caution without being overly cautious or reckless.

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  • 6. 

    Why did Icarus not follow the advice?  

    • A. 

      He was overcome with the joy of flying; trying to reach heaven

    • B. 

      He did not respect his father

    Correct Answer
    A. He was overcome with the joy of flying; trying to reach heaven
    Icarus did not follow the advice because he was overcome with the joy of flying and had the desire to reach heaven. This overwhelming feeling led him to ignore the advice given to him and ultimately resulted in his downfall.

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  • 7. 

    Why did Daedalus build the temple to Apollo?

    • A. 

      Apollo was the god of the Sun.

    • B. 

      He needed the place to keep the song's wings.

    Correct Answer
    A. Apollo was the god of the Sun.
    Daedalus built the temple to Apollo because Apollo was the god of the Sun. The temple served as a place to honor and worship Apollo, who was believed to be the deity responsible for the sun's power and light. Additionally, the temple may have been built as a gesture of gratitude or to seek favor from Apollo for protection and blessings.

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