Identify The Italian Terms! Trivia Quiz

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Identify The Italian Terms! Trivia Quiz - Quiz

Italy has given us a lot of things ranging from good food but also has a very romantic history. Have you been taking up Italian as an alternative language? If so, then the quiz below is designed to help you perfect your Italian Terms by seeing if you can fill in the correct format. Give it a try and perfect your skills!

Questions and Answers
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    The correct answer is "I as soft as possible, lifeless, I lifeless, as soft as possible". The given options are different arrangements of the words "I as soft as possible" and "I lifeless". The correct answer includes both phrases in different positions, creating a combination of the two phrases.

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    The correct answer is G somewhat, rather. This answer suggests that the missing word can be filled with either "somewhat" or "rather," indicating that the degree or extent of the action or characteristic being described is not strong or extreme.

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    Forte (f) ____________(L)__________________

    The word "forte" is an Italian musical term that means "loud" or "strong." In the given question, "f" represents the abbreviation for forte, while "L" represents the abbreviation for the Italian word "loud." Therefore, the correct answer is "I loud," as "I" is the Roman numeral for one and represents the abbreviation for the word "loud."

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    Facile _______(L)____________

    The correct answer is "I easy, F easy, I F easy, I, F easy". This answer is correct because it correctly lists all the possible combinations of the words "I" and "easy" using the given options.

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    Felice ________(L)________________

    The given answer suggests that the correct word to complete the sentence "Felice ________(L)________________" could be any of the options provided, which are "I happy," "I gay," and "I joyful." These options all represent different ways of expressing happiness or positive emotions.

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  • 9. 


    The word "feurig" suggests that the missing word should be an adjective that describes something as fiery or having a strong, intense heat. Therefore, the correct answer is "fiery."

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    Fin ___(L)______________

  • 11. 


    The correct answer is "I the end, I end" because it completes the sentence fragment "fine_(L)__________" by providing two options that could fit grammatically and make sense in the context. The phrase "I the end" suggests that the speaker is referring to themselves in relation to a specific point or conclusion, while "I end" implies that the speaker is bringing something to a conclusion or finishing something. Both options convey a similar meaning in different ways, making them both valid choices for the given sentence fragment.

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    Flatterzunge, Flzg _______________(L)_____________

    The correct answer is "I Flutter tongue, a direction to wind players, I a direction to wind players to flutter tongue, I flutter tongue, I to flutter tongue for wind instruments." This answer provides a series of statements that all relate to flutter tonguing and its application to wind players. It suggests that flutter tonguing is a technique used by wind players, and that it can be directed towards them as a specific instruction. The answer also implies that flutter tonguing is a skill that can be developed and improved upon by wind players.

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    Flautato, flautando __(L)___________

    The correct answer is "I flute-like, I like a flute". Both phrases "flute-like" and "like a flute" convey the same meaning, which is to describe something that resembles or imitates the sound or qualities of a flute. These phrases indicate that the music or sound produced has characteristics similar to that of a flute.

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    Fliessend ____________(L)_______________

    The word "fliessend" is a German word that translates to "flowing" in English. The blank space before and after the word "flowing" suggests that the missing word should be a German word that means "flowing". Therefore, the correct answer is "F flowing".

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    Flottant __(L)______________

  • 17. 

    Fortepiano, fp_(L)____________

    The correct answer is "I loud then soft, I loud then immediately soft, I loud then quiet, I loud then immediately quiet". This answer suggests that the notation "fp_(L)" indicates a dynamic marking that instructs the performer to play loud initially and then transition to a softer volume. The addition of "immediately" suggests that the change in volume should be abrupt and sudden. The options provided in the answer cover all possible combinations of loudness and softness, indicating the different ways in which the dynamic marking can be interpreted.

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  • 20. 

    Fretta ___________(L)________________

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