Rhymes & Hink Pinks

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Rhymes & Hink Pinks - Quiz

Guess the rhymes that are mentioned! Example:(I say) A fruit scratch
(Answer) Grape Scrape

Questions and Answers
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    What is this hink pink?     A gross pair

    The correct answer is "Gruesome twosome, Grusome twosome, grewsome twosum." This hink pink is a wordplay riddle where the answer consists of two rhyming words that hint at the given clue. In this case, the clue "A gross pair" suggests a pair of things that are unpleasant or repulsive, which can be described as "gruesome." The rhyming word "twosome" indicates that there are two of these unpleasant things. Therefore, "Gruesome twosome" is the correct answer, and the variations "Grusome twosome" and "grewsome twosum" are also acceptable due to the similarity in pronunciation.

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    A split rabbit

    The given answer options are all variations of the phrase "hare share" and "hair share". Each option combines the words "hare" and "share" or "hair" and "share" in different orders. The question is asking for all possible combinations of these words. Therefore, the correct answer includes all four options: Hare share, Hair share, Share hare, and Share hair.

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    What is a fowl's home?

    A fowl's home is called a grouse house. It is a shelter or dwelling specifically designed for grouse, which are a type of bird. The term "grouse house" refers to any structure or habitat that provides a safe and comfortable living space for grouse. It is where they nest, roost, and raise their young. Grouse houses can vary in design and location, depending on the specific needs and preferences of the grouse species.

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    What is a bright dollar?

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    What's a split-into-two giggle?

    A split-into-two giggle refers to a giggle that is divided or split into two parts. The answer "Half laugh, laugh half" suggests that the giggle is both a half laugh and half laugh, meaning it is a combination of two different types of laughs.

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    What's an insect's mat?

    An insect's mat is commonly referred to as a "bug rug". This term is used to describe a small carpet or mat that is designed for insects to rest or sleep on. The repetition of the phrase "bug rug" in the answer options reinforces the correct answer.

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    What's a locomotive thinker?

    A locomotive thinker refers to a person who has a "train brain." This means that they have a mind that works like a train, constantly moving forward and making connections between different thoughts and ideas. They are often quick thinkers and have a strong ability to analyze and problem-solve.

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