Identifying Prepositional Phrases #3

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Identifying Prepositional Phrases #3 - Quiz

Test your ability to correctly identify the prepositional phrase or phrases in the following sentences. Write out the entire prepositional phrase(s) in each sentence, separated by a comma.

Questions and Answers
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    Traveling through the majestic southwest, I stopped briefly in Arizona to visit a Hopi reservation and observe architectural remnants of their culture.

    The correct answer is "through the majestic southwest, in Arizona, of their culture". This answer accurately identifies the locations mentioned in the passage - the southwest and Arizona - and acknowledges that the purpose of the visit was to observe architectural remnants of the Hopi culture.

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    Leaning casually against a brick wall, the Ramones present an apathetic image on the cover of their self-titled album.

    The Ramones are depicted leaning casually against a brick wall on the cover of their self-titled album. This image conveys an apathetic attitude, suggesting that the band is not concerned or interested in conforming to expectations or societal norms. The phrase "against a brick wall" describes the physical position of the band members, while "on the cover" and "of their self-titled album" specify the context in which the image is presented.

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    Gavin is considered the best lacrosse player in the state, but Trent is a close second.

    The phrase "in the state" is used to specify the scope or context in which Gavin is considered the best lacrosse player. It suggests that Gavin's skills and abilities are highly regarded within the state. However, the phrase also implies that there may be other lacrosse players outside of the state who could potentially be better than Gavin. Trent is mentioned as a close second, indicating that he is the next best player within the state.

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    I am not a huge fan of abstract art, but the Mark Rothko exhibit in the gallery downtown was undeniably moving.

    The phrase "of abstract art, in the gallery" is correct because it correctly describes the location of the Mark Rothko exhibit. The phrase "of abstract art" indicates the type of art being discussed, while the phrase "in the gallery" specifies the specific location where the exhibit is being held.

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    It has been proven that sitting at a desk for prolonged periods of time is harmful to one's health.

    Sitting at a desk for prolonged periods of time has been proven to be harmful to one's health. This suggests that spending extended periods of time sitting at a desk can have negative effects on an individual's well-being.

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  • 6. 

    According to her mother, Lexi was regularly sneaking out of her window at night to meet at a friend's house.

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    The atmosphere of the massage parlor was very soothing; as I lay down on the table, nature sounds began playing from a hidden speaker.

    The phrase "of the massage parlor" indicates that the atmosphere being described is specifically related to the massage parlor. This suggests that the environment is designed to be calming and relaxing. The phrase "on the table" suggests that the person is lying down on a massage table, which is a common position for receiving a massage. The phrase "from a hidden speaker" implies that the nature sounds are being played discreetly, enhancing the overall soothing atmosphere of the massage parlor.

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  • 8. 

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.

    The given answer correctly identifies the phrases "in possession of a good fortune" and "in want of a wife" from the given sentence. These phrases are repeated in the answer, which suggests that they are the correct options. The other options, "of a good fortune" and "of a wife," are also included in the answer, indicating that they are part of the correct phrases.

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  • 9. 

    I've been saving money to buy Christmas gifts for my family since May.

    The phrase "for my family" is repeated twice in the given sentence, which is grammatically incorrect. Additionally, the phrase "since May" is also repeated twice, which is unnecessary. The correct answer is to remove the repetition and have the sentence as "I've been saving money to buy Christmas gifts for my family since May."

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  • 10. 

    I would never lie directly to your face.

    The phrase "to your face" means that the person would never lie in a direct and confrontational manner. It implies that they may lie in other ways or behind someone's back, but they would never do so while looking the person in the eye. This phrase suggests a level of honesty or sincerity, indicating that the person may be more likely to lie in other circumstances.

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