Which Mariah Carey Album Are You?

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| By Paul Words
Paul Words
Community Contributor
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Which Mariah Carey Album Are You? - Quiz

Mariah has been through a career with up's and down's, and so has she throughout her life. Take this quiz to see what album of her's you most relate to.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    What kind of music do you listen to when you're sad? 

  • 2. 

    Who's picture are you most likely to have on your wall?

  • 3. 

    Which one of these sums up your ideal Saturday night?

  • 4. 

    Which one of these describes you the best?

  • 5. 

    Which one of these best describes your philosophy?

  • 6. 

    Who would you rather date?

  • 7. 

    Which one of these is your favourite food?

  • 8. 

    Who would you rather date?

  • 9. 

    Which of these images look appealing to you?

  • 10. 

    Who is your favourite Avenger?

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