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  • 1. 
    Art of writing poems; poems
  • 2. 
    Very pleasing to see or hear; delighting the mind or senses
  • 3. 
    Three more than ten
  • 4. 
    The movable fleshy organ in the mouth; the language of people
  • 5. 
    One of the parts into which a thing is divided or broken; bit
  • 6. 
    Place or district; people living near one another
  • 7. 
    Ten hundred
  • 8. 
    From end to end of; from side to side of; having reached the end of
  • 9. 
    Not ordinary; not in common use
  • 10. 
    Thing built
  • 11. 
    Paper showing permission given by law to do something; to permit
  • 12. 
    Make over; change or alter
  • 13. 
    Feeling kindly because of a favor received; wanting to do a favor in return; pleasing, welcome
  • 14. 
    Person or group that hates and tries to harm another; anything harmful
  • 15. 
    A mechanical device that is portable, of simple construction, and usually operated by hand; tool; device for producing musical sounds
  • 16. 
    Act, play, sing, or do tricks in public
  • 17. 
    Like better; choose over
  • 18. 
    Hear and decide in a court of law; settle a dispute; decide who wins a race, contest, etc.; form an opinion or estimate about
  • 19. 
    Change to make fit; arrange satisfactorily, set right, settle; accommodate oneself
  • 20. 
    Person who serves in an army
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