Are You A Red Bear, A White Bear Or A Blue Bear?

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Are You A Red Bear, A White Bear Or A Blue Bear? - Quiz

Are you a Red Bear, a White Bear or a Blue Bear? Take this 60 second Quiz & Find Out!

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Red Bear!

You are a Red Bear. You are passionate about life and love. You live every moment to the fullest and are always up for an adventure. You make friends everywhere you go and are usually the life of the party. You have a bit of a temper, but you get over most things quickly. People never forget your kisses, and you are intensly loyal to those who earn your love. If people make you mad... they really wish they hadn't! You love to laugh and be in the spotlight. Lots of famous people are Red Bears.

White Bear!

You are a White Bear. You are classy and sweet, and keep people guessing about your true nature. You can walk into any room with grace and style, from a fancy dinner party (and you'll always pick the right fork) to a casual backyard BBQ and fit in. You have a knack for making people feel important and you are a great listener. In love, you keep people wondering for a while, but once someone wins your heart, you give 100% to the relationship and are super loyal. You have a great fashion sense that people admire and you rarely pass up a chance to go shopping. You have a strong sense of fairness, and don't take sides without a good reason. 
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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    On the 4th of July, you would rather:
    • A. 

      Go to an all day pool party with a friend and meet someone new & cute to watch fireworks with after dark

    • B. 

      Invite a few close friends over for a BBQ and light some sparklers

    • C. 

      Take a gourmet picnic basket to the park & sit under a tree with your true love

  • 2. 
    You go to your closet to get dressed and:
    • A. 

      Grab your favorite jeans & t-shirt

    • B. 

      Grab something you know you'll look super hot in even if you don't have special plans

    • C. 

      Spend some time looking for the perfect outfit, trying on a few before you decide

  • 3. 
    Dinner for someone you love means:
    • A. 

      You spend all day making something in the kitchen you know they'll love

    • B. 

      You carefully plan an evening at your favorite quiet restaurant

    • C. 

      You pick them up and go where the mood takes you

  • 4. 
    2 of your friends are fighting about something. You
    • A. 

      Listen to both sides and decide who you agree with

    • B. 

      Tell them both to get over it and hang out with people who aren't fighting

    • C. 

      Invite them both over and play peacemaker to end the fight

  • 5. 
    On Saturday morning, you
    • A. 

      Might be sleeping in... or just coming home

    • B. 

      Are at a dog park or planting flowers in your yard

    • C. 

      Are sipping your favorite coffee and planning your day of shopping

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