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Inside Job Quizzes & Trivia

Have you watched the movie Inside Job? Which characters from the movie do you enjoy most? The quiz below is set to gauge how much information you have on the movie. All the best as you jog your memory.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Duncan Gray was
    • A. 

      A former Buckingham palace employee

    • B. 

      A renowned thief in the London area

    • C. 

      A former employee at a famous auction house

  • 2. 
    Duncan Gray stole
    • A. 

      A rose bowl

    • B. 

      Silver cutlery

    • C. 

      A 17th century dutch painting

    • D. 

      All the above

  • 3. 
    Duncan Gray had  worked as a  ________________ for the palace for just under a year.
  • 4. 
    Duncan Gray had sold the stolen at an auction house in _________________ .
    • A. 


    • B. 


    • C. 


  • 5. 
    The estimated worth of the stolen was over__________________ .
    • A. 

      Half a million pounds

    • B. 

      Half a million dollars

    • C. 

      A million dollars

  • 6. 
    Duncan Gray received a sentence of __________________ in prison.
  • 7. 
    An inside job is when
    • A. 

      A crime is committed inside a building

    • B. 

      A crime, especially stealing is committed by someone in the place where they work

    • C. 

      A crime is committed by a royal member

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