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Jeopardy Quizzes & Trivia

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    Boosting efficiency, it's a harvester and a thresher in one machine.

    A combine is a machine that combines the functions of a harvester and a thresher, making it more efficient. It is used in agriculture to harvest and separate grain crops in a single process. By combining these two tasks into one machine, farmers can save time and labor, increasing their overall efficiency. The combine's ability to harvest and thresh crops simultaneously makes it an essential tool for modern farming practices.

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    The musicians of this town could have enjoyed Beck's, which is brewed there.

    The musicians of Bremen could have enjoyed Beck's beer because it is brewed there.

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    In 1697-98, this czar was in Holland and England, studying shipbuilding.

    Peter the Great was the czar who was in Holland and England in 1697-98, studying shipbuilding. During his travels, he aimed to learn about advanced shipbuilding techniques and technologies to modernize the Russian navy. Peter the Great was known for his efforts to modernize and westernize Russia, and his study of shipbuilding in Holland and England was part of his broader goal to strengthen Russia's military and naval power. By studying shipbuilding in these countries, Peter the Great gained valuable knowledge and skills that he later implemented in Russia, contributing to the modernization of the Russian navy.

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    In 2004, Prince Alois was entrusted by his father with the day-to-day governing of this small European nation.

    Prince Alois was entrusted with the day-to-day governing of Liechtenstein in 2004 by his father. This implies that Prince Alois was given the responsibility to manage the affairs and administration of the small European nation.

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    Dill, in this novel, is based on the  author's childhood friend, Truman Capote.

    In the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird," the character Dill is based on the author's childhood friend, Truman Capote. This means that the author drew inspiration from Capote's personality and experiences to create the character of Dill in the book. Capote and the author had a close friendship in real life, and the author used this connection to bring a sense of authenticity and depth to the character of Dill.

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    Kenneth the 1st, who reigned from 843 to 858, was the first king to rule the Scots and these "painted people."

    Kenneth the 1st, who reigned from 843 to 858, was the first king to rule the Scots and the Picts, who were referred to as the "painted people." The Picts were an ancient Celtic people who inhabited what is now Scotland. They were known for their distinctive body art and were conquered by the Scots, who eventually assimilated with them. This answer correctly identifies the Picts as the "painted people" ruled by Kenneth the 1st.

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    In Irish lore and in "Harvey," it's a spirit in the shape of an animal.

    Rutter, in an uncharacteristic off moment, answered, "What is a rabbit?"

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