History Quiz 1: Introduction

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Introduction Quizzes & Trivia

History Quiz 1: Introduction

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    The principal of the camera has long been known: light entering a minute hole in the wall of a darkened room forms on the opposite wall an ________________ image of whatever lies outside.

    When light enters a small hole in a dark room, it forms an inverted image on the opposite wall. This is because light rays travel in straight lines and cross each other when passing through the hole. As a result, the image formed on the wall is upside down compared to the actual objects outside the room.

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    ______________________ is basically a way of fixing the camera image by the action of light upon substances sensitive to it.

    Photography is the correct answer because it is the process of capturing and fixing an image using light-sensitive substances. Through the action of light, the camera captures the image and records it onto film or a digital sensor, resulting in a fixed photograph. Whether spelled with a capital "P" or lowercase "p," both refer to the same concept of capturing images through the use of light.

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    The incentive to work out a practical technique for creating pictures came from the rising ____________________ of the late 18th century.

    The rising middle class of the late 18th century provided the motivation to develop a practical technique for creating pictures. As the middle class grew in wealth and influence, there was an increasing demand for art and visual representation. This created a market for artists and a need for a more efficient and accessible method of producing pictures. Consequently, artists and inventors were incentivized to work towards developing a technique that would cater to the middle class's desire for visual representation.

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    The first mechanical device used in the production of pictures was the camera _______________.

    The first mechanical device used in the production of pictures was the camera obscura. The camera obscura was an early optical device that projected an image of its surroundings onto a screen or wall. It consisted of a darkened room or box with a small hole on one side, which allowed light to enter and form an inverted image on the opposite wall or screen. This invention laid the foundation for the development of modern cameras and photography.

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    Another mechanical device used to create pictures that could more easily be carried about and was widely used by travelers was the camera _____________.

    The correct answer is "lucida". The lucida is a mechanical device that was used to create pictures that could be easily carried about. It was widely used by travelers because of its portability and convenience. The lucida allowed people to capture images and memories while on the go, making it a popular choice for those who wanted to document their travels.

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    Images captured using these early "cameras" were actually __________ by a person on a sheet of paper.

    In the context of the question, the word "traced" fits logically as the missing word. It suggests that the images captured by the early "cameras" were recreated or copied by a person manually on a sheet of paper. This implies that the cameras were not capable of directly producing the images themselves, but rather served as a reference for someone to trace and replicate the image on paper.

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