1984 Novel, Chapters 1-2

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1984 Novel, Chapters 1-2 - Quiz


Questions and Answers
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    In what city is the novel set?

    The novel is set in London.

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    Where does Winston work?

    Winston works at the Ministry of Truth.

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    What does Winston drink in his apartment (give the name)?

    In Winston's apartment, he drinks Victory Gin.

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    Why does his neighbor invite him into her apartment?

    The neighbor invites him into her apartment to unplug her sink. This suggests that the neighbor trusts him and sees him as someone capable of helping her with the issue. It also implies that they have a friendly relationship, as the neighbor feels comfortable asking for his assistance in this matter.

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    What overt act of rebellion does Winston commit in his apartment?

    Winston's act of writing in a journal can be seen as an overt act of rebellion because in the totalitarian society depicted in the novel 1984, individual thoughts and expressions are strictly controlled and suppressed by the Party. By secretly writing in a journal, Winston is defying the Party's control over his mind and asserting his own individuality and freedom of thought. It is a dangerous act that could lead to severe consequences if discovered by the authorities, making it a clear act of rebellion.

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