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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    You hear two people on a music programme talking about the singer Nancy Graham.What is the man's opinion of Nancy's second album?
    • A. 

      He thinks it is very experimental.

    • B. 

      He appreciates the continuity of style.

    • C. 

      He wonders if she is lacking inspiration.

  • 2. 
    What do the two speakers agree about?
    • A. 

      The freshness of the music

    • B. 

      The lack of real emotion in the music

    • C. 

      The calming effect of the music on the listener

  • 3. 
    You hear part of a radio interview with a woman who trained the winning horse in a top showjumping competition. Why does she compare herself with an Olympic athlete?
    • A. 

      To demonstrate how tough she had to be.

    • B. 

      To explain how she reacted to her victory.

    • C. 

      To emphasise how fortunate she was to win.

  • 4. 
    How did she feel before her horse won the competition?
    • A. 

      Uncertain of the rider's ability

    • B. 

      Frustrated with the worsening weather

    • C. 

      Doubtful whether the horse was fit enough

  • 5. 
    You hear part of an interview with a food writer called Richard Capstick.Richard decided not to become a chef because he lacked...
    • A. 

      Adequate organisational skills

    • B. 

      A talent for inventive cooking

    • C. 

      The ability to make quick decisions

  • 6. 
    What did Richard think about food writing before he got involved in it?
    • A. 

      He considered himself well suited to it

    • B. 

      He regarded as a hobby rather than a career

    • C. 

      He imagined a qualification was needed to do it

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