1eso English Modules 4&5

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1eso English Modules 4&5

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Complete the sentences with the Past Simple form of the verbs in brackets. 0          We __had__ (have) a cup of tea an hour ago. 1          They ____[Blank]___ (go) to the cinema last night. 2          He ____[Blank]___ (be) very happy at the party. 3          She ___[Blank]____ (meet) him in the park. 4          They ___[Blank]____ (not have) a good time yesterday. 5          We __[Blank]____ (eat) all the food. 6          I ___[Blank]____ (not ask) her any questions. 7          You ____[Blank]___ (buy) that new dress. 8          He ___[Blank]____ (show) me the photos. 9          You ___[Blank]____ (not be) in the room.  10        The museum ____[Blank]___ (close) at six o’clock.
  • 2. 
    Complete the dialogue with the Past Simple form of the verbs in brackets. A:        What 0 did you do__ (you / do) last night? B:        I went to John’s house. A:        1________[Blank]_______ (you / have) a good time? B:        It was great. A:        2______[Blank]_________ (his parents / be) there? B:        No, they 3______[Blank]_________ . A:        Where 4_______[Blank]________  (they / be)? B:        At the cinema, I think. A:        What time 5________[Blank]_______  (you / get) back home? B:        About 10.30. A:        6_________[Blank]______ (you / go) to bed? B:        No, I 7________[Blank]_______ . I watched a TV programme. A:        What 8________[Blank]_______ (it / be) about? B:        Music. It was very interesting. A:        What time 9______[Blank]_________ (it / finish)? B:        At midnight. 10______[Blank]_________ (you / watch) it? A:        Yes. I enjoyed it, too.
  • 3. 
    Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words below. angry    fast    good     hard      nervous     noisy     quick 0          They walked __quickly__ because they were late. 1          She played the piano ______[Blank]_________ and won the competition. 2          He doesn’t run _______[Blank]________ and never wins races. 3          Her father spoke ________[Blank]_______ to her because she came home late. 4          The students talked _______[Blank]________ in the lesson and the teacher was angry. 5          She waited ______[Blank]_________ for her exam marks. 6          They worked _______[Blank]________ in their new jobs.
  • 4. 
    Complete the sentences with ago, last or yesterday. 0          She walked to school __yesterday__ . 1          We visited our grandparents three weeks ______[Blank]_________ . 2          I spoke to them ______[Blank]_________ . 3          _________[Blank]______ week I played tennis with Joe. 4          Two years ________[Blank]_______ she worked in a bank.
  • 5. 
    Choose the correct words to complete the sentences and write it down in the blank space. 1          I play football on/at [Blank] Fridays. 2          I have good remembers/memories [Blank] of our holidays. 3          He went to the cinema on the fourth from/of [Blank] May. 4          My brother is very old/young [Blank]. He’s only three. 5          We visited her in/on [Blank] 22 February. 6          Our maths teacher is very strict/pretty [Blank] and we can’t talk in her class. 7          We had dinner at a picnic/restaurant [Blank] last night. 8          He was in love/like [Blank] with a beautiful girl. 9          They wanted to go/get [Blank] married. 10          John is very funny/fun [Blank].  11        She went to university in/on  [Blank] 2012.
  • 6. 
    Complete the sentences with the Present Continuous form of the verbs in brackets. 0          She __is laughing__ (laugh) at the film. 1          He _______[Blank]________ (not sit) at his desk. 2          You _________[Blank]______ (not listen) to me. 3          The student _______[Blank]________ (talk) to the teacher. 4          They _____[Blank]__________ (not play) basketball. 5          We ______[Blank]_________ (walk) to school today. 6          I _________[Blank]______ (not wait) for her. 7          The dog _______[Blank]________ (run) around the garden. 8          They ________[Blank]_______ (visit) our grandparents. 9          You _______[Blank]________ (do) your homework.  10        I ________[Blank]_______ (work) at the moment.
  • 7. 
    Use the cues to write questions in the Present Continuous. A:        0 What are you doing?__ (what / you / do) B:        I’m planning my weekend. A:        1_______[Blank]________ (where / you / go) B:        To Scotland. A:        2_______[Blank]________ by train? (you / travel) B:        No, we’re driving there. A:        3________[Blank]_______ with you? (your sister / go) B:        Yes, she is. A:        4______[Blank]_________ in Scotland? (who / you / visit) B:        My cousins, Jane and George. A:        5________[Blank]_______ at Edinburgh University? (they / study) B;        Yes, they are. They love it there. A:        6_______[Blank]________ with your cousins? (you / stay) B:        Yes, we are. A:        7________[Blank]_______ (when / you / come back) B:        On Monday morning. A:        8_______[Blank]________ on Monday afternoon? (you / play / tennis) B:        No, I’m not. I’m taking my little brother shopping. A:        9_______[Blank]________ (why / you / take him / shopping) B:        Because I want to buy him a present. A:        10_______[Blank]________ dinner with your family on Monday evening? (you / have) B:        Yes, I am. We’re celebrating my brother’s birthday.
  • 8. 
    Complete the short answers to the questions. 0          A: Are you doing your homework?             B: Yes, __I am__ . 1          A: Is your dad playing the piano?             B: No, _______[Blank]________ . 2          A: Are your friends walking to school?             B: Yes, ______[Blank]_________ . 3          A: Am I cooking dinner tonight?             B: Yes, _______[Blank]________ . 4          A: Are they studying for an exam?             B: No, _______[Blank]________ . 5          A: Are you leaving home today?             B: No, ______[Blank]_________ . 6          A: Are we buying a new car this week?             B: Yes, _______[Blank]________ . 7          A: Is the dog sleeping outside?             B: No, ______[Blank]_________ .
  • 9. 
    Complete the sentences with the correct preposition. 0          I’m not  __into__ sports. I prefer computer games. 1          Why don’t you come ____[Blank]____ later? We can watch a film. 2          What is he ____[Blank]____ to this weekend? Do you know? 3          They went to London ____[Blank]____ train. 4          Let’s go ___[Blank]_____ this evening. Let's go to a restaurant. 5          Come ___[Blank]_____ ! Let's play football. 6          He listens ____[Blank]____ music all the time. 7          Let’s walk ____[Blank]____ the stairs.
  • 10. 
    Choose the correct words to complete the sentences. Write it down. 0          They play football four/once [Blank] times a month. 1          She does/plays [Blank] athletics and goes to the gym once a/the [Blank] week. 2          Are you taking/going [Blank] the lift? 3          I’m going to the shops/shopping [Blank] this afternoon. 4          He plays a lot of rugby/yoga [Blank]. 5          We sometimes run/play [Blank] marathons.
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