Pre-calculus Quiz Graphing Polynomials

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| By Kat Ahrens
Kat Ahrens
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Pre-calculus Quiz Graphing Polynomials - Quiz

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    Please graph the following function and upload it. f(x) - H(x) = (x – 3)( x2 – 6x + 9)(x + 4)5

  • 2. 

    Describe the graph of the polynomial function P(x) = -2(x2 – 16)(x3- 4x)

  • 3. 

     F(x) = -4x7 – 5x5 + 3x2 – 14x -2 is a polynomial of degree ________ and it's end behavior goes from________  infinity to ________ infinity. 

    The given polynomial is of degree seven because the highest exponent of x in the polynomial is seven. The end behavior of the polynomial is odd because the leading coefficient is negative. As x approaches negative infinity, the polynomial goes to positive infinity, and as x approaches positive infinity, the polynomial goes to negative infinity. Therefore, the end behavior of the polynomial goes from positive infinity to negative infinity.

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  • 4. 

    What are all of the true statements about the function  H(x) = (2x – 3)( x2 – 6x + 9)(x + 4)5

    • A.

      It crosses at the root x = 1.5.

    • B.

      It is an even function.

    • C.

      It's end behavior is from negative infinity to negative infinity. 

    • D.

      It crosses the x axis at x = 4

    • E.

      It bounces off of the x-axis at (3, 0) 

    Correct Answer(s)
    A. It crosses at the root x = 1.5.
    B. It is an even function.
    E. It bounces off of the x-axis at (3, 0) 
    The function H(x) = (2x – 3)(x2 – 6x + 9)(x + 4)5 crosses at the root x = 1.5 because when x = 1.5, the value of the function is not equal to zero. The function is an even function because it is symmetric with respect to the y-axis. It bounces off of the x-axis at (3, 0) because the function changes sign from negative to positive at that point.

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  • 5. 

    The function has an ________ degree, with ________ root(s) that have odd multiplicity and ________ root(s) that have even multiplicity. 

    Correct Answer(s)
    four, 4
    one, 1
    The function has an even degree, which means that the highest power of the variable in the function is an even number. The function has four roots, each with a multiplicity of 4, indicating that each root appears 4 times in the function. Additionally, the function has one root with a multiplicity of 1, meaning that this particular root appears only once in the function.

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