Michael Jackson-finish The Lyrics

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Michael Jackson-finish The Lyrics - Quiz

This quiz is for people who are amazed at michaels great work our father really gave him a great miracle

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Decitful eyes shes got those come get me thighs
    • A. 

      This place hotel

    • B. 

      Rock with you

    • C. 


    • D. 

      Lost children

  • 2. 
    Why does tuesday come before wendsday why do flowers ........
  • 3. 
    All you gotta do isWalk away and pass me by
  • 4. 
    I gave her money i gave her time
  • 5. 
    So lets pray for all the lodt children lets pray for all the lodt children lets pray for alll the lodt children wishing them well and wishing
    • A. 

      Them home

    • B. 

      Them to school

    • C. 

      Them to church

  • 6. 
    Love is a feeling give it when i want it cause im on fire
    • A. 

      Parched my desire

    • B. 

      Quench my desire

    • C. 

      Give in to me

  • 7. 
    I dont want the sun to shine i wanna make love break of dawn its this magic in your eyes
    • A. 

      And in my soul,break of dawn

    • B. 

      And in my mind,break of dawn

    • C. 

      And in my heart,break of dawn

  • 8. 
    And who gave you the right shame my family and...
  • 9. 
    They'll be no darkness tonight...
  • 10. 
    Live and sin. Ten years ago on this day, my heart was yearning
    • A. 

      I promised i would come here everyday

    • B. 

      I promised i would never ever be returnin

  • 11. 
    You can change the world
    • A. 

      I cant do it by myself

    • B. 

      Oh yeah i can

    • C. 

      I dont know


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