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Logos Interesting Image Trivia Quiz - Quiz

Like you identify yourself with a given style, or personality, businesses identify themselves using logos and reputations in the industry. There are a lot of logos that have been trademarked by companies, and if you are keen, you can’t fail to know some of the common ones. Below is an interesting logo trivia quiz give it a shot and have some fun identifying the logos and their companies.

Questions and Answers
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    Question No Image

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    Question No Image

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    Question No Image

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    Question No Image

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    Question No Image

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    Question No Image

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    Question No Image

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    Question No Image

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    Question No Image

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    Question No Image

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    Question No Image

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    Breakfast of Champions

    Wheaties is a brand of breakfast cereal, often referred to as the "Breakfast of Champions." This suggests that the correct answer is Wheaties because it aligns with the given context of the question, which mentions "Breakfast of Champions."

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    Kid Tested. Mother Approved.

    Kix is a brand of cereal that is known for being kid-tested and mother-approved. This slogan implies that Kix cereal has been tried and approved by children, ensuring its taste and appeal to young consumers. Additionally, the approval of mothers suggests that Kix is a nutritious and wholesome choice for children. Overall, the slogan emphasizes the trustworthiness and quality of Kix cereal, making it a popular choice for families.

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    Wanna get away?

  • 24. 

    The Best a Man Can Get.

    The given answer "Gillette" is correct because it is the slogan of the Gillette brand. The phrase "The Best a Man Can Get" has been widely associated with Gillette and is often used in their advertising campaigns. This slogan implies that Gillette products are of superior quality and can provide the best shaving experience for men.

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    It's Everywhere You Want To Be.

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    Question No Image

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    Question No Image

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    Question No Image

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    Question No Image

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    Question No Image

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