Japanese 1 Occupations (English To Japanese)

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| Written by Rayxzerox
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Japanese 1 Occupations (English To Japanese) - Quiz

Japanese 1 quizzing for occupations, Write the japanese word for the occupation in romaji.-Ray

Questions and Answers
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    Medical Doctor

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    Company Employee

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    The correct answer is "Shigoto, oshigoto." This is because "Shigoto" and "oshigoto" are both Japanese words that mean "job" or "work." The repetition of the word emphasizes the meaning and adds emphasis to the concept of job or work.

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    Shufu is a Japanese term that translates to "housewife" in English. This term is commonly used in Japan to refer to a married woman who primarily takes care of household chores and family responsibilities. Therefore, "Shufu" is the correct answer as it is the Japanese equivalent of "housewife".

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    Medical Doctor (out group polite)

    The correct answer is "oshisan, oshi-san". In Japanese, "oshisan" and "oshi-san" both refer to a medical doctor. The term "oshi-san" is a polite and respectful way of addressing a doctor, while "oshisan" is a more casual and informal term. The use of both variations in the answer suggests that either form would be acceptable when referring to a doctor in a polite and respectful manner.

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